Lesson #84: In Toronto but not really …

Here and there from the road and not …

On Friday morning I wrote: We are leaving on a road trip to Toronto this morning.

On Friday at around four o’clock in the afternoon I wrote: We have arrived in TBO (The Big Onion) and have checked into a nice Comfort Inn in the north end of the city.

We left at around 10:00 am and got here at 3:30 pm; stopped once at one of those en route rest stop joints.

Lee just said this, stoned person that she is: Where shall I put the “collectibles” when she meant “edibles” which I have to say have been better than just good, much butter.

They helped – the edibles – in terms of making our first longish trip in the ATS pass quickly. First, I drank a cup of weed tea as is my wont every morning and then I downed a half a brownie at the above-mentioned rest stop. Now it’s Sunday and I remember passing a nice afternoon (yesterday, Saturday in other words, downtown, sort of anyway, sort of downtown, that is), with my two friends, Carl and Jock whom I haven’t seen in about forty years. I can also recall a party last evening, held in honour of my first cousin, Mikey’s sixtieth birthday. A good time was had by all.

…Ah the intrigue of it all. What with Michael, my cousin’s husband greeting me with a few quite solid face slaps to my sister not showing up, just her husband and late – more than fashionably – and parking his back-to-wide girth right beside Meg with Adam my nephew, me and Lee in that order. The whole time during dinner – I had some kind of chicken which tasted absolutely great – he sat there communicating mostly with Adam, the odd word to Meg, his daughter-in-law but that’s it. Not a word to Lee. Not one to me.

Except when we were moving from the building to our cab when he me mumbled something like “Take it easy,” something like that with no response from our quarter.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning I wrote:. that it’s day now, and we got a bit lost last night, driving around the north end looking for a Chinese restaurant. We had the address, the name of the place and we were on the right street. Never found the fucking place but we’ll definitely give it another try, this time in the light of day. (We managed to find in the light and believe me when I tell you that it was crud Central.)

We decided to stop at Harvey’s and after downing a burger, a side and a drink each, we asked for directions to get back to our motel which were kindly provided … “Turn left on Finch Street.” Finally, back, crashed.

This morning, looking out the window, it’s blowing snow, not that heavily – but they’re calling for a bit of a storm, not the call out the army kind of storm, but light, blowing snow, nonetheless.

Say what you will about TBO (The Big Onion), yesterday while supping at Harvey’s both Lee and I remarked on how quiet and peaceful it was and how safe we felt compared to, believe it or not, home in Montreal which we wouldn’t leave; unless it was to live in a warm country on a more permanent basis, like three or four months a year, for instance.

We are planning to head back home tomorrow. See you then.
Peace out.

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