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Lesson #50 : Is youth really wasted on the young?

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Is youth really wasted on the young?

Yesterday Lee came up with some photos of a younger me. Here they are.

This one is the earliest of the lot. It shows me (front row, middle) and my Sec. 4 class in Port-Cartier, Quebec, in 1975 or 1976. The name of the school was Riverview and this was my second year at that school of about 200 kids from kindergarten to Sec. 5 (Grade 11). This was my first posting. There was one class in every grade and the high school teachers went around from class to class. Out of the seventeen students in the class in this photo, I still remember the names of thirteen. Not bad for an old man – that was almost forty years ago! Notice Danny Cormier, second row, far left, rabbit earring Matthew Clarke, the guy in front of him. The next shot, let’s call it #1A, provides a close- up of yours truly.

Photo #1


Photo #1A


The next photo shows Lee, my nephew Adam, and me in my Bob Marley T. It was taken around twenty-two years ago. Notice me rabbit-earring Lee, in happier times, as far as my relationship with both Lee and Adam goes.

Photo #2


Photo #3 shows me at home, on Prince Arthur, circa 1981. This picture along with the next three were taken by Arleen Solomon Rotchin, with whom I used to Facebook friends. Notice my cat, Alice, in profile, looking out the window over my right shoulder. I loved that beautiful and intelligent feline.

Photo #3


The next three photos, #’s 4,5, and 6, also taken by Arleen, show me teaching class at Bialik high school in Côte St. Luc. This private Jewish school was located at that time (c.1980)when these photos were shot, on Wavell Avenue, in the Cote-St-Luc (CSL) section of the island of Montreal. It is now located on Kildare Avenue, also in CSL.

Photo #4


Photo #5


Photo #6


Photo #7 shows me on Mount Royal. Cool shot. Notice the cigarette in my right hand. I have no idea when this was taken or who took it. It would be a great album cover.

Photo #7


The next two photos, #’s 8 and 9, show me hard at work at what appears to be the old union office on Van Horne. I served for a number of years as both treasurer and second Vice-President (not simultaneously) of the FTJS, the beloved Federation of Teachers of Jewish Schools.

Photo #8


Photo #9


Photo #10 was shot in the late 1970’s, by Dr. Judith McBride. She took this photo while we were in Buffalo to see the Rolling Stones. At the time this photo was taken, I was in Library School at McGill, working on my MLS (Master of Library Science). At the same time, I landed a plumb part-time job as a reference librarian at Concordia University.

Photo #10


Photo #11 is not about me unless you are counting how lucky I was to enjoy Lee, pictured, for twenty-eight plus years. It was taken during the summer of c. 1989 when we were in Orlando, Florida, with Lee’s daughter, Sharon. Obviously we were tripping at Disney World.

Photo 11


The final photo, #12, is not part of the same package. It is a self-portrait, taken by my friend and colleague, Jon Cuthbert and it is by far the most recent of the bunch, taken in 2013.

Photo #12


Peace out.

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