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Lesson #47: Rob Ford’s Problems

Rob Ford’s Problems

About two months ago, the Toronto Star newspaper reported that a video had supposedly surfaced showing Rob Ford, the mayor of the Big Onion, smoking crack. There was the infamous photo on the Star’s front page at that time, showing Ford in between two guys and looking fairly out of it – not a flattering pose for any public official to be caught in, least of all the mayor of Canada’s largest city, and North America’s third largest (after L.A.and New York). One of the guys in this photo has since been shot and killed. something else which must be of concern to observers of this rapidly deteriorating situation in the sense that people were already starting to ask themselves questions concerning who the mayor hangs out with, and how and on what he spends his time.

Ford held a news conference at that point and declared – seemingly unequivocally – that he had never smoked crack cocaine while issuing a simultaneous denial saying that he was not a crack addict. At the same news conference he said that he couldn’t comment on a video that he’d never seen and “does not even exist”, as he put it.

Yesterday the shit hit the fan as the Toronto police chief announced that the police were in possession of the aforementioned video, and that the video indeed showed Ford smoking crack. Ford’s driver, Alexandro Sandor Lisi, was arrested Thursday on at least one charge of extortion related to his attempts to get his hands on the video and thereby assist his friend, the mayor, on what turned out to be an exceedingly harsh day for Rob Ford.

There are three video clips accompanying today’s JuicyLesson. (THESE VIDEOS CAN BE VIEWED ONLY ON FACEBOOK. My apologies for this as we are still working out technical issues regarding the uploading of video clips on The first one shows the Toronto police chief detailing some of the allegations against Ford. Parts 2 & 3 are clips showing police surveillance tapes of some of the mayor’s unsavoury behaviour. For example, these two clips show Ford and Lisi conducting various “business” together. For instance, one of the clips shows Lisi, with whom it is alleged that Mayor Ford spent an inordinate amount of time, carrying a white plastic bag which the narrator says he placed in Ford’s Escalade. In any case as far as the white bag is concerned, now you see it now you don’t. One moment Lisi has it, the next moment he does not. We don’t know what the bag contained nor are we certain, from watching the video, that he indeed put it in Ford’s car.

However the contents of these videos do raise some interesting questions related to conduct unbecoming any public official – pissing in public, for example. Watch them and see what you think about their contents and this whole sordid affair which would be ridiculous and somewhat amusing if it wasn’t so tragic. Another train wreck,

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