Lesson #108: Taking the easy way out plus hockey videos

We start today’s JL (Juicy Lesson) with our featured video entitled “Thirty more life hacks debunked” … and not. There is some interesting stuff here. I’d not heard before of the cleverly-named series from which this video is taken; it’s called “Mental Floss on Utube”.

And now for a little bonus for those of you who want to re-live that wonderful Habs victory over the Chicago Blackhawks last night at the Bell Centre.

To break it down: there are three clips which follow:

1) — shows the last few seconds of regulation time
2) — (the middle clip) shows the celebration in the aftermath of Markov’s winner
3) — shows the heart of overtime including the winning goal scored by #79. Yes!

No gloating but it’s sure enjoyable just to be able to take it all in and “kvel” on the success of our Stanley Cup deprived hockey team…at least for one night plus today. Tomorrow it’s back to thinking and dare I say worrying about the Canadiens’ next game vs. the Devils on Tuesday evening at the freaking centre Bell. Shouldn’t be too much sweat to beat them fuckers from New Jersey – Christie town – but one never knows, does one?


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