JuicyLesson 137: Happy St. Valentine’s Day … and an assortment of blog-related sentiment … A video on V.D. which I wish you all a Happy One of …

I know that everyone will be doing this – last year for example, on Valentine’s Day, more texts were sent globally than on any other day in February which just happens to be one of the top-ten Valentine’s Business Day Facts exhibited as part of today’s JuicyLesson – but I feel entitled, somewhat at least.

I woke up at 4:00AM this morning – and as is my won’t when I get up (which, fortunately, doesn’t usually happen until later, much later) – took my first pain pill of the day; also, as I had planned to do, I checked on the number of hits encountered by my site yesterday. Put it this way: since more than thirty (30) hits is my threshold for an acceptable number, I start today off satisfied but still wondering what it takes to get more hits than the thirty unique visits or so that I am presently averaging per day.

I have still not reached the 1000 hits per month (33.3 per day) which was the goal I established for myself for the end of last December, but I persist with AJuicyLessonPerDay, asking for and receiving feedback, trying to come up with the magic formula which may push me over the 1000 foot precipice into what ever non-quagmire exists … below that precipice or above it. Anyway, onward and upward.

Actually, I just re-checked the Analytics associated with wwww.AJuicyLessonPerDay.net and this is what I have found: yesterday, on Thursday, February 13, 2014, I received a total of 63 hits, the most I have ever gotten for any single day’s blog. This brings my total number of unique visits to 1018, thus surpassing my goal of 1000.

Previously, my high for number of hits in one day was 57 and I got that on two different days – on Wednesday, 4th December (JuicyLesson 74) for a piece entitled “The Selfish and Inconsiderate (Pt. 2)” and on my birthday, for an article I called “A song, commentary and answers for you to an old query.” (JuicyLesson #110: Tuesday, 14th January). Note that the latter, my birthday blog, was composed of a song (with lyrics) by Elton John entitled Taxan Love Song plus thirty clever (many of them) answers to that age-old question: why did the chicken cross the road? That’s it. That’s all. Fifty-seven hits for that!

So please take the rest of today’s JuicyLesson (JL) with a grain of salt for two reasons. Firstly, sometimes I do not interact correctly with the ANALYTICS site and therefore do not always cull the data I am actually trying to find. More on that in our next JL on Sunday.

BUT, and that’s a pretty big but on two different levels, if this data is indeed true, that I did in fact get the 63 hits I claim that I did above, then that’s the second reason to take my whining in the rest of this blog with a grain of salt. This is because sixty-three views is better than the low thirties.

I find that I am nonplussed, but not as much as I thought I’d be. When I first thought that I only got my usual thirty or so hits, I was, as I said above, “satisfied”. Then when I thought that I had well-surpassed that number, I was a lot more pleased than I thought that information would have made me.

However, upon discovering my possible error and I’ll let you know on Sunday after a day off if I did in fact err or not – I was slightly more disappointed than I thought I’d be which means the number of hits I get is more important to me than I originally would have thought that number would be.

One of the suggestions is that I should try to keep my posts shorter. This is the third straight day where I have been pretty well constantly keeping that particular parameter in mind while composing my blog. I was at first thinking a thousand words or less per day – excluding large chunks of plagerized matter, e.g. newspaper articles, song lyrics, and extracts from previous posts so let’s see if I can maintain that, not all the time but at least a significant amount of it.

Have a great week-end.

See you Sunday.

Peace. Out.

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