JuicyLesson 93: A poem for the season

From my heart

Is someone required to lead us …
Through the morass of this idiocy,
Through the real shit, and decay,
Through dynasties founded on force and fear,
On greed, corruption and lack of honestay

I say “No!”. “No!” I say.
That it has to be the belief in our individual selves,
In our own strength
Which sustains us and gives us hope.
And by committing small acts of kindness and generosity
We can light our own way.

Help whom you are able to help.
Donate what you can.
Bring up your kids with strict rules, age-appropriate consequences.
Govern yourselves wisely.

Sometimes I have trouble
Seeing beyond my nose.
I know I have to expand my width and depth of vision
If out of life I hope to get the most.

Jerry Cohen
December, 2013

This ten-minute video shows our “awesomeness potential” as human beings, our “awesomeness factor” I suppose you could call it. Truly, poetry in motion. (“Poetry in motion, See her swing and sway.” Remember that he says that as he slips back into the fifties!)

Merry Christmas.


Happy New Year

Season’s Greetings

Peace out.


Lots of love coming your way. Most definitely too.



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  1. Thanks for the update, and the piece on the much needed Affordable Health Care Plan as indicated by the young woman’s tumors which could have turned to cancer. My son recently signed up for this care, now he doesn’t have to fear getting his medical needs met either. You guys in Canada are bad on taxes, but great on health and social welfare. Thanks for setting the example

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