JuicyLesson #86: Heroes and Zeroes

Heroes and Zeroes

Heroes: Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, three of the greatest minds in the twentieth century (in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries if we take Mandela’s full life into account), Carey Price, No. 31, the Canadiens’ goalie par excellence – the Habs are slumping with three losses in their last four games but Carey has been on his game; who knows what the future holds for our team if Price doesn’t continue to play brilliantly in nets; and now a short poem to introduce our next hero, very short … Denis Cordere, our new mayor; my two old friends with whom I spent a most enjoyable afternoon this past Saturday in Toronto – Jock Best and Carl Aspler – as well as two ex-students Jeff Gossack and Lorne Mayers whom I just bumped into last week at Mr. Steer on our way to see the Canadiens lose to the Los Angeles Kings 6-0. The thing I really got a kick out of was Lorne telling Lee, my girlfriend, that he was sorry that she was with me. Please forgive me, Jeff, if it was you who made that remark but it just seems like something Lorne would say, Barak Obama and the Affordable Care Act, Terrier Thomas Mulcair, leader of our New Democratic Party who, once he gets a hold of you refuses to let go … just ask Stephen Harper; my girlfriend Lee Moss because of all the shit she has to put up with coming from my direction, my good friends Kathleen Cawthorn, Susan Dinan and Farmer Ned Ehrenreich, Jon Sinclair, Neil Davis, Kenny Weinstein, Gary Mangel, as well as shout outs to Jack Todd, Andrew Coyne, Aislin and last, but not least, Aron Black, Ezra Soiferman and Loren Lann my web designer and two ex-students who have encouraged me on my quest to produce AJuicyLessonPerDay every day of the week except on Sunday, a total of about 313 JuicyLessons from September 9, 2013, until September 8, 2014, probably more than they realize.

Big fucking Zeroes

Stephen Harper and his Conservative government who have been in power feathering their own nests on too many occasions for far too long, Rob Ford, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau – bet you thought I forgot about those four lying assholes but I haven’t, some Montreal drivers – as rude and disrespectful as they come even though wrong to the core – Pauline Marois, Bernard Drainville and above all the smooth-talking hypocrite Jean-Francois Lysee and their charter of Quebec values which belongs in the “dustbin of history” and which will hopefully end up there, the Republicans in the States and conservatives here, all headed down a path of destruction to a deep and dark place.


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