JuicyLesson 314 : The Last … Musings and Psychedelic Art … Bye

One year ago, on September 9th, 2013. I presented my first JuicyLesson. Today, exactly one year later, this is the last.

I have achieved my goals – one JuicyLesson per day for a complete year, as well as getting over 1000 sessions/visits per month, or an average of about 34 hits a day.
That’s it, that’s all I got today except to say that I hope that you had as much pleasure reading my “Juicies” as I have getting them together. I will be happy that there will be no pressure to deal with; producing JL’s of approximately 1000 words each on average, is quite demanding and some mornings, waking up in the absence of an idea for that day’s JL is an experience that I would not like to see repeated and it won’t be.
Some people have really helped, so thanks to the following friends for their input, encouragement and support over the last year: John Fasciano, Ezra Soiferman, Jase B., Jonathan Morton, Jonathan Lazar, Joanna Rees, Nihat Aliyev, Eric Kirshner, Danny Schwartzberg and Dana Schnitzer. To you guys and anyone else who feels that they deserve it, including Terry Mosher (Aislin), Jack Todd and Dan Piraro, thank you very much. My gratitude to one and all knows no bounds.




7 responses to “JuicyLesson 314 : The Last … Musings and Psychedelic Art … Bye”

  1. Life will be poorer without a daily dose of Jerry’s ‘Juices’……..

    Have to go back to granola or something each morning instead.

    • Paul,

      Coming from you it means a lot. What with your British reserve and all. By the way what do you think of the fast approaching referendum in Scotland? Surely you’ve heard about it. Take care and thanks.

  2. It felt good to have a dose of Jerry every day. I missed your energy and humour. I’m only Sorry I got on the JL train so late in the year!
    All the best to you Jerry!

    • You can always go back over some of the ones that look interesting and I plan to mail you a hi-lited version of the table of contents. There may be additional JL cars to add to that train when the impulse and/or inclination to do so strikes. So it won’t be a total loss.

  3. I have read every last one and wanted to congratulate you on this great effort to teach and entertain us all. Thanks for all the effort, Jerry. Ezra

  4. Way to go Jerry! May the sense of reaching your goal live on!! Perhaps on a personal level.

    ooohhh…a memoir!

    Loved the art today by the way! Vibrant as you!

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