JuicyLesson 227: Fear and Loathing in NYC … Habs Defeated … Video on MSG on Game Night .

Fuck, man. I go to New York, twice, and the Canadiens don’t even score one goal over those two games – Sunday for Game 4 and last night (Thursday) for game 6 – both games ending in identical 1-0 scores. At least I lasted the whole three periods unlike on Sunday, when I got the boot after the first period.

Anyway. Today we have a few short clips shot in one the three following places:

— Walking along Seventh Avenue, NY, New York, Thursday (05/29)

— In that lion’s pit, MSG, a seething mass of real anger and hate, site of the Rangers-Canadiens game, the one that ended our season. The invective reigning down on Subban and I’m inclined to say from below – “Fuck you, Subban”, over and over again, and on Prost revealed real ugliness. I certainly do not heart New York. [Thursday evening, MSG (05/30)]

— On the road from New York. I was headed for Montreal but due to some sickness at home, it was decided by Lee (the sick person, just a little cold, nothing to worry about) and me that it would be best for me to stay away for another night at least.
Am presently holed up working on this JuicyLesson in a motel room in Lake George, a couple of hours from Montreal.

No booze, no dope. Am headed out pretty soon to see what there is to see and possibly do in this tourist town in upstate New York. I may have something on my meanderings around this quaint community in a future J.L.


Have a good Shabbat if you are so inclined in that direction.

See. You. 🙂

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