JuicyLesson 208: Vas y donc le Canadiens. Go Habs! RIP Farley Mowat …

I’d like to think that Mr. Mowat, who passed away Wednesday at the age of ninety-two, would have enjoyed this particular JuicyLesson. Along with Hunter S. Thompson, Farley was my literary idol. Rest in peace, Farley Mowat.

Was at the game on Tuesday evening vs. Boston.

A few observations:

Price has been other-wordly so far and Bruins goalie, Rask, has not.


Price has gotten into Boston’s heads for sure regardless of Boo-ston’s attempts to get into his. He was virtually perfect Tuesday night in the Habs’4-2 victory at the Bell Centre; the two shots that beat him were deflections.

On the other hand, Rask was victimized by two breakaway goals, one each by the fabulous P.K. Subban and Dale Weisz. Subban’s occurred as he exited from the sin bin, took an excellent pass from Lars Eller and deked Rask out of his shorts before tucking the puck into the right hand side of the net, forehand, Kathleen, forehand.

Rask however has to somehow stop Weisz from potting one on his breakaway which resulted in a goal through the so-called 5-hole through the goalie’s jambieres (pads).

The Habs led the game 3-0 until late in the second period when the Bruins scored. A little buzz encapsulated the Bell Centre, lasting until the start of the third period when the crowd started to go nuts as they had been for most of this night; but then, with time running down, the Bruins pretty well doused the Bell Centre flame when they scored again, a second deflection, which made the score 3-2. Boy did the place get quiet. Shades of Saturday’s second game in Boston were conjured up by the Bell Centre Faithful who began to worry that the Habs were about to blow another third period lead.

For those of you on acid, let me remind you about Saturday, albeit very briefly. Montreal leads Boo-ston 3-1, on Bruin ice, until there are less than ten minutes to go in the game. Then bang, bang, and bang the Brew-ins take a 4-3 lead, which they were not going to relinquish. Lucic’s empty netter was just icing on the cake; Boo-ston wins this game 5-3, evening the series at a game apiece.

On Tuesday night, though, things were different. The new forum explodes when Eller scores the empty-netter with 8 measly seconds left salting the fifth game away for the gutt guys. Final score is Mob-treal 4; Boo-ston 2. Mob-treal earns a 2-1 series lead as the teams head back to Boo-ston in Am-hair-ica for game six tonight (Thursday).

Hats off to the Neanderthal Milan Lucic who decided to get off his ass, virtually took over the game for about thirty seconds or so which is longer than it sounds in this particular context and, finally, set up the Boo-ins second goal, cutting the Canadiens lead to one and making the crowd sweat on Tuesday.

I call Lucic Neanderthal (as does Allan B.) because of his chest-pumping move after scoring the empty netter on Saturday, putting a game the Habs had well tucked into their back pockets out of reach. Too bad. So sad. I wish Eller who demonstrated, mockingly too, a more toned-down chest pumping after potting Montreal’s final goal into an empty net last evening hadn’t done anything of the sort. No need to poke the bear, waking her up. Habs have the series well in hand. Why mess all that up?

Subban is great, eleven points in seven playoff games. Price has been amazing although The Gazette’s, Jack Todd believes that Carey was not at his all-world best in the Tampa series but he has obviously taken his game up a notch or two. Dominant. Performance. Carey.

Lee sure can dance (Thanks, man) and regardless of what you might think of him otherwise, Conrad Black sure can write … It all depends on Carey Price … in the fifth game on Friday.

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