JuicyLesson 195: R.I.P. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, True Grit… Trailer for movie “The Hurricane” is Featured …

“The Hurricane” with lyrics.

The loudest cheers at most Blue Jackets home games go to the singer of the National Anthem and a fat guy who tears off his shirt and dances suggestively while pouring beer over himself.

Contrast that to the atmosphere demonstrated by this short clip showing some of the pre-game festivities as the crowd goes nuts Tuesday (yesterday) evening at the Bell Centre prior to the outbreak of hostilities between the Tampa Bay Ligtning and our beloved Montreal Canadiens in Game 4 of their play-off series.

… And while we’re at it the following equally short clip showing the end of the same game between the Habs and the Lightning.

A last minute power play goal, his first of the playoffs, from Max Pacioretty gave the Habs both the game by the score of 4-3 and the playoff series against the Bolts in four straight games.

Now it’s time for the Canadiens just to relax and practice at their own pace while Boston and the Red Wings from Detroit kick the shit out of each other fighting for the right to meet the Canadiens in the Eastern Conference semi-final.

As for the rest of us, it’s time for some everlasting peace.

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