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JuicyLesson 188: Heroes and Zeroes … With a Contribution From David Bowie …

David Bowie’s “Heroes” with lyrics

David Bowie’s “Heroes” W/O lyrics

Heroes: Philippe Couillard and the PLQ who swept to victory last Monday which ended the run on the purchase of ant-depressants in la belle province, Carey Price, Brendan Gallagher, Max Pacioretty, P.K. Subban, David Desharnais, Ricky Fowler, Bubba Watson, Matt Kucer, Tiger Woods, Martin Brodeur, Sidney Crosby, Mayor Denis Corderre, Francoise David who has the intestinal fortitude to call them as she sees them, Lee Moss, Kathleen Cawthorne, Manon Ranchoux, Ezra Soiferman, my nephew Adam Jacobs, Adam Greenblatt and the Medicinal Cannabis Access Society (MCAS), Eric Kirshner for his advice and input into my autobiography, Danny Sparks, Hilton Ruggles, Albert and Joan from South Carolina, JoJo, Marilyn and Janice, Aron Black web-designer par excellence, Justin Trudeau, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Rene Levesque, Francois Legault, the CAQ and ABM (Anybody But Marois), the poor coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs Randy Carlisle, Jimmy Fallon and last but not least, every hijab-wearing woman, turbaned Sikh and Kippah-wearing person in the province of Quebec. Every time the values charter (Bill 60) crosses my mind, I find myself almost shuddering to think what could have happened had the Parti-Quebecois gotten a majority government in last Monday’s provincial election. Just terrible. To hell with Pauline Marois and the gang that she rode in with.

Zeroes: Pauline, Francois Lisee, Bernie Drainville, Pierre Paladeau the introduction of whom by the PQ into the campaign woke everyone in Quebec up, turning them against the PQ and its divisive politics; Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, and Patrick Brazeau, Michel Therrien who although seeing the Canadiens garner no less than 100 points during the just now-ending NHL regular season still has a lot to learn about human relations in general and how to treat players like Subban and Jarred Tinordi in particular, Kathleen Lord (finally learned my lesson with her), Noah Zucker who’s intelligent enough to know better and his friends/acquaintances who are not, the Canadian federal government and Stephen Harper, Bernard Landry, the Bloc, Jacques “the lying hypocrite” Parizeau, Lucien Bouchard, Brian Mulroney, the Montreal Impact soccer team who has yet to win a game this season, the Toronto Maple Leafs who did another “El folder-ino” which sees them miss the playoffs for something like the eighth year in a row, the Boston Red Sox and the steroid-fuelled, Teflon-coated David Ortiz, Chad Johnson, Zdeno Chara and the Boston Bruins. I want the Habs and Bruins to both win their first round series so that the Canadiens get the chance to pound Boston into oblivion in round two.

Well, here’s hoping.

That’s it for today.

Peace out.

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