JuicyLesson 170: Question: What’s black and looks good on a lawyer? Answer: A Doberman …

I have been forced to cut out parts of this Juicy Lesson because of the threat of a law suit from Chad Levitt. I have already published the Facebook message he sent me regarding yesterday’s JuicyLesson as well as my response to it so check out the revised version of JUICYLESSON 169. I have also been forced to take down yesterday’s JL as well as to retract its contents which I, herein, again, do.

In the meanwhile, here is the edited version of Juicy Lesson 170:

The long and short of it is this: I had just returned from a year off in the aftermath of a serious motorcycle accident which saw me getting hit by a car in a low impact crash in which I still managed to break my shoulder and my knee, the latter requiring the surgical implantation of two longish aluminum screws in my knee. (Thanks Doctor Rosen, father of student Jennifer who, jokingly, as he was about to open me up, said that I was lucky that his daughter liked me as her teacher) – I realized then and there – well not then and there as in “then and there” on the operating table where all I remember is the previous remark by the good doctor as well as the anaesthesiologist telling me that I was going to enjoy the anaesthetic accompanying the procedure – no, not right there on the operating table did I realize it, but at some point, it hit me like a ton of bricks that the school was not satisfied with the work I was doing and before they could drop the other shoe, I got proactive, finally accepting a fairly rich financial settlement with which both sides were happy with. I was NOT fired although I may have been if I decided to hang in and not left of my own accord.

As it turned out even though I hadn’t realized it at the time, I ended up missing no real time between leaving Bialik and re-starting my career. I didn’t really know how much in demand good teachers are. So remember those of you who are unhappily stuck in the exploitive private sector – often without a union or a collective agreement – a unionized job awaits with open arms if you want it.

Although I regret being forced out of Bialik, it was time for me to go.

Purging anger … Thanks to Mr. Nathan for informing me that I was still angry. Bob, I am truly serious. No sarcasm intended.

I need peace … double-dose … I really enjoyed producing this particular JL even though it was tough in spots. Don’t forget to experience Donald Duck coming to town … very amusing if not a bit sick.


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