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JuicyLesson 159: Screw Jim Carrey and certain others in the entertainment industry who trade on their celebrity to spew all manner of bullshit at us; John Travolta,Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Cruise, Jim Carey and Bill Murray all use their place in the entertainment world to assume a supposed mantle of authority and knowledge which they neither have earned nor deserve. Can we blame them? Why do we listen to what the jerks have to say when it’s just B.S. and propaganda a good part of the time …

Spend five minutes with this guy, the Amazing Atheist, [real name: T.J. Kirk] as he divulges some interesting shit regarding that douchebag, Jim Carrey.

Hang in until about the 2:30 mark when today’s featured video detailing some of what Jim Carrey “has done” gets somewhat heated. For instance in 2009, he has penned an article which appeared in the Huffington Post in which he wrote that there is still no credible proof that a definitive link between vaccines and autism does NOT exist.

In other words what that genius Jim Carrey is saying, in spite of a preponderance of scientific and medical evidence to the contrary, is that there could still be some kind of link between getting our kids vaccinated on the one hand and these children being diagnosed with autism on the other.

Whatever would possess some washed-up in this case actor to utter such pure and unadulterated crap, shit that’s gonna freak people out and send them scurrying for the internet where a lot more of this kind of false information permeates?

Well my friends, the answer to that question rests in the query itself. They do it in their attempts to be “relevant”, to stay in what’s left of their ever-shrinking share of the limelight. (Note that there are certain exceptions like John Travolta who’s far from being washed up. See below.)

Thanks, Jim-Bob. Screw you and the train that you rode in on. Asshole.

Hopefully, people will regard their physicians rather than what’s on the internet as the final arbiters in circumstances when real medical knowledge is required rather than the moronic ramblings of the likes of Tom Cruise, Madonna and Jim Carrey, all washed up entertainers looking for the right pulpit from which to spew their shit, thereby trying to stay “relevant” and in their pathetic attempts to maintain at least a small share of that limelight which is being usurped – and quickly so – by up-and-coming, younger talent.

On the one hand, who can blame them? They’re just trying to make a living, or so goes the argument. On the other hand, do people like John Travolta, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jim Carrey and others of their ilk have a right to use their celebrity to propagate false or innapropriately-researched information?

Even in the case where according to Doug Camilli in today’s Gazette the actor-comedian Bill Murray supposedly has a sure Rx (prescription) to avoid getting drunk from a champagne overdose – drink it with ice to prevent dehydration which apparently has a role to play in causing inebriation; even in this case, what right does Bill Murray have to say this stuff?

Let’s see some supportive scientific evidence for Murray’s hypothesis. This is something which may have worked for him and even for some of us friends but that’s all and so what?

First, what Murray says works for him wouldn’t necessarily work for anyone else. Just because it may have worked for Bill Murray and even for many of his friends too, doesn’t mean that it will work for other people as well.

Second, are there other techniques of getting water into one’s system short of diluting a nice glass of champagne with ice? How about consuming a glass of water every hour or so while drinking, would that work as well or even at all?

Third, why would anyone even listen to Murray except for the fact that he has made himself into a marketable celebrity/commodity who keeps himself relevant by throwing little old ladies around the sandtraps at PGA Sawgrass I think it was, during the Pro-Am part of the tournament.

Fucking jerk-off Bill Murray, with his very, over-sized and completely identifiable yellow high hat with white polka dots and matching little pom-pom which allows Murray to be spotted instantaneously by reporters looking for something to report – and which Murray always provides … and in an abundance that we all know and love, but still?

There’s some other pretty revealing stuff in the video about Jim Carrey as well as an evaluation of His film career which has pretty well gone downhill ever since 1994 when he made three of his best works according to Mr. Kirk, who calls himself the Amazing Atheist: The Mask, Ace Ventura–Pet Detective and Dumb and Dumber; personally I would add the more recent “Liar Liar” to the list of Jim Carrey movies that I would rate as being in the half-decent to good range.

Then there’s the crap he’s made since then … Batman Forever, The Cable Guy, and three I’d never even heard of until I watched our featured clip including the Majestic in 2001 when things started heading downhill for this TJ. Kirk Amazing Atheist guy’s relationship with Carrey; not to forget other works of Carrey wonder like the immortal Mr. Popper’s Penguins, the Chef d’oeuvre The Number 23 along with such remarkable pieces of art and artistry from Jim-boy as Lemonny Snickets and that comedic masterpiece Fun With Dick and Jane.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins … eh, what?!

Take it away, TEE JAY … Kirk, that is.


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