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JuicyLesson 143: Way To Go Canada! Gold On the Ice … With Videos Including A Rant by an American Male

Thought after a measly twenty or so hits on my site for yesterday’s JL, I thought people either didn’t care enough about curling to investigate the site or people may have been getting sickened by the fact that the last few JuicyLessons in a row were about the Olympics. I had just about decided to change subjects today as a result until the Canadian women went crazy at Winter Games posting gold medal performances on the ice. First, Jennifer Jones of Manitoba skipped her rink to a solid win over Sweden in the curling final. Then the Canadian women won gold, again on ice, this time defeating the Americans in the hockey gold medal game by a 3-2 score in overtime.

Canada is up to eight golds. Go.

Two of these videos, the final two listed, can be more easily accessed by using my Facebook page. I apologize for this inconvenience.

Check out the videos associated with the above links.


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