JuicyLesson 129: Hot babes, a cool tune and the Beatles … for the first time in the U.S.A.

First of all, I just stumbled across this music video by Shakira ft. that gorgeous doll, Rihanna. Solid combination of music and sex, actually appears to ooze the latter commodity if that’s what it is, in generous doses as a matter of fact. Kind of a catchy tune, both women in fine voice; lyrics to the song which is entitled “Can’t Remember to Forget You” are appropriately empty which makes concentration on same by the listener unnecessary and thus there is little left to distract him/her from fully enjoying both the tuney tune and the two beauties in full cavort who sing along … and writhingly, may I add, he added.

“Ladies and gentlemen. The Beatles.” It was fifty years ago last month that the Beatles played their first show in the Excited States on the Ed Sullivan Show, a well-watched variety programme featuring singers, dancers, stands-up comics and circus people like clowns on teeny tiny trikes, animal acts, trapeze artists and high wire acts. Some of the comedians appearing multiple times on the Ed Sullivan Show included Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Dean Martin, Rich Little, Jonathan Winters, Jackie Mason and Alan King; the show ran for an hour on Sunday nights, between seven and eight o’clock I think it was.

I remember growing up and how my parents, my sister and I often sat together on the couch in the basement, watching the Ed Sullivan Show but not on that particular Sunday evening in January 1964 when I headed over to my friend Gerry’s place where three or four of us Grade 10 (Sec. 4) buddies had gathered to enjoy this auspicious occasion. Joining us were Gerry’s sister, Ricki I think her name was, along with a couple of her friends.

All I remember about that evening when I was sixteen (16) years old was that Ricki and her friends began to lose it a bit when the Beatles finally hit the stage that wintry Sunday, fifty years ago. They were getting a little skittish these girls in the basement were, kind of aping the teenaged girls in the Ed Sullivan Show television audience who appeared to me to be on the verge of losing control of themselves as the Fab Four did their thing on stage.

I hope you enjoy the reprise of part of that performance.


Now dig this “Words of Love” video with some interesting footage showing girls losing it. At least that’s all they were doing rather than reaching for the shot gun they came in with with nothing more in mind than blowing a few holes in some people … In the words of the immortal George Harrison: “How we break each others’ hearts, how we cause each other pain … Isn’t it a pity. Isn’t it a shame.”

Peace out.

See you tomorrow.


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