JuicyLesson #117: Stuck Inside of Côte-St.-Luc (CSL) With the NDG Blues Again

Change in plans. Change in plans. Why do I feel so much like Sheldon from The Big Bang tv programme when I say that?

I will be taking today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday) to detail something unexpected which occurred in my life last night and then on Friday, JuicyLesson (JL) #119 will pick right up where JL 116 left off, that is with our discussion of the global inequality in the distribution of wealth. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The way I usually compose my blog is this: I start it on the previous afternoon or evening, edit my work early enough the next morning so as to be able to post it as early as possible on the day of, and then of course, finally, I post it. By the morning of, by Wednesday for today’s JL 117 for example, I usually have a good idea as to where I am going with the piece for that specific day – that is I would have as good an idea as it is possible to have with work of this nature where I rarely actually possess a point in mind for each day’s JuicyLesson (JL) when I start it, a very vague and general notion maybe, but a specific and unique point that I want to make – like I said – rarely, if ever. Sometimes I do but only where my work lends itself to that type of categorization and even then not very often.

What I am trying to say here is this: I did actually have a better idea – or thought I did immediately upon awakening – of where I wanted to go today than I have on most days when I start out; I thought I’d be continuing this week’s work which we started this past Sunday (JL 115) which has gotten us to this point – not to this point exactly but good enough and sadly, as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men go quickly astray and so did mine for I have ended up in a place, dear friends, a place I neither intended nor contemplated ever ending up in when we began the present series of JuicyLessons this past Sunday.

From thinking on the question of whether the travails of Hunter S. Thompson still have a role to play in defining the type of society we live in and our orientation to it, to a presentation of a Report from the humanitarian group Oxfam, an article underlining the reality that wealth in today’s world is as unequally distributed as it’s always been, maybe even more so … we have arrived here in actual point of fact, right here, to recount an episode in my life which happened last night when I went for supper with a friend at the Côte-St-Luc Bar-BQ on Côte-St.-Luc (CSL) just west of Decarie, on “Côte-St-Luc West X Earnesclift” in the exact words which my friend (who actually drove me home) wrote on a tiny Post-it note I found on the telephone table.

I am not blaming this person because she saw me see her write my car’s location last night and could only assume that I was well enough to remember what I had seen, and to record it for, as they say, future reference. Well she was wrong and I wasn’t and when I finally surreptitiously found the little Post-it, I had already been conscious long enough to actually figure things out, where my car was, for example (South side of CSL, west of Earnescliffe, just west of the restaurant where we had had supper.)

Anyway, just so you know, it was hash oil which put me in that state. It is very strong to begin with and I must have done at least four hits and possibly five that afternoon trying to get me where I wanted to be for my “big date”. Anyway, for whatever reason, I ended up being totally ripped by the time we finished the meal but I wasn’t aware of my state until we walked to the car in which I had arrived and I got in and prepared to drive myself home.

Boy was it ever freezing cold. I got the fucker started. The fact that I had to deal with a courtesy rental car while my Cadillac is being repaired although completely and totally my fault, along with the freezing temperatures, did serve to complicate matters and to make everything more difficult. Quite a bit more. You know how it is.

Anyway I get the car started and am sitting shivering behind the wheel waiting for the fucking Kia Optima to fucking at least get slightly warm, when up pulls my angel in disguise, my dinner companion whom I could barely recognize even after pulling down my completely frosted-up window, asking me if she could give me a ride home. I answered in the affirmative, pretty much right away and was told in no uncertain terms when I asked about how I was going to get my car home before 7:00 this morning (Wednesday) at which point, according to the signage, towing would be in order, that that problem would be left with me, that is that I would have to get my own car; and then off we went.

Upon reaching home, an approximate ten-minute drive, I found, much to my chagrin that I was having extreme difficulty walking, so my friend was nice and kind enough to help me up the outside steps and into the house through the front door which, by the way, she had been forced to unlock because I was too stoned to do so.

Tomorrow: How I ended up getting my car … was it towed?

Also, what I learnt about the impact of hash oil and other injestibles …
That is what I will be doing in Thursday’s – tomorrow’s – JuicyLesson, what I intend to do tomorrow in other words, and on Friday I intend to do what I had originally intended to do today, that is Part 2 of yesterday’s JL on the Distribution of Wealth in the contemporary world.

Then I intend to take my usual day off but who knows?

But I do know one thing for sure …

Peace works. Well.

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