JuicyLesson 112: Testimonials re. Med Pot

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Welcome to another Juicy Lesson.

We have been discussing the issue of medicinal marijuana (med pot) in the last few lessons and we continue on the same subject today.

I have shared the edibles – specifically the cookies, brownies and peppermint chocolates – with three scleroderma-affected friends. What follows are three slightly edited testimonials re. their first time experiences with med pot.

Testimonial #1
Thanks again for sharing your treats. I tried half a choc last night actually and you were right, it provided an amazing sleep…(didnt get up at all during the night, which I usually do two or three times). ALSO!! When I woke up, I felt *really* good…calm and in charge of my day!!

The issue of Pain is not persistent for my personally, but the sleep disturbance and results thereof are crazy and often participate my bouts of chronic pain which tend to last 2-4 days. I like the feeling of mj when i ingest it…for lack of another way to put it, the world just seems like a better place to live. Im pretty sure you get that.

Not sure if *** got back to you, but I spoke to her on Sunday and she was going to try it.

For the edibles, do you pay per gram and then the treat? I have wanted to make the butter for awhile. I can get street product but not only is it more expensive, I tend to trust medical marijuana more for not being cut with anything else. I am holding out to see my doctor in March (might have to go sooner following results of CT Scan in Feb), so in the meanwhile, if we could work something out, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks again Jerry for your generosity and for the educational empowerment!! Talk to you soon!

Testimonial #2
You know what?  I did try them. I loved my experience and now need to find a doctor to sign the damn paper. I had a great, great evening of no pain and sound sleep without waking up in the morning with the drug hangover that I get from oxycodone. Thanks for your kindness and generosity, I will pursue this.

The third testimonial comes from an older woman, a person closer to my age (sixty-six) which
may explain the negative experience she describes here.

Testimonial #3
I took 1/6 (of the blondie) at about 4:00 pm. I was using my computer and after about an hour I just wanted to close my eyes. I got up and was not very stable on my feet. I called my daughter and told her what had happened, that I was going to lie down and she should call me in about an hour. She called and I could answer the phone but still just wanted to close my eyes. I went back to lying down and I suppose was high (think that’s the term used). I got up at 8:00 pm. felt better, forced myself to fix something to eat. At this point no pain at all. This continued until I went to bed at 12:30. No problem sleeping (I usually don’t have a problem). Next morning things were as usual.
A scary experience.

Hopefully, this person will give it another shot but I doubt it.


Peace out.

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