JuicyLesson #104: More from irreverent Dusty, today on Christian Fails

Top Ten Christian Fails of 2013

Today’s featured video pretty much speaks for itself. I couldn’t stop smiling for the full twelve or so minutes that this clip runs.

Comments on Dusty’s views: he’s pissed and for good reason. From the release of a bald eagle in a mega church while the audience chants “USA, USA” and the terrified bird stuns itself by flying into a church window, to the idiot woman who believes that God sends her messages via the Goldfish crackers she regularly consumes, (pounds a week, according to the clip), this video provides some food for thought as well as ammo which can be used to poke fun at the fundamentalist Christian movement and at those who are taken in by it.

From the T.V. personality who doesn’t admit that she erred in publicly stating that Santa is white and comes on strong about Jesus’ “whiteness” still being up for debate to that jerk, Pat Robertson, claiming that homosexuals in San Francisco use special rings which will cut peoples’ hands when shaking hands thus possibly spreading the HIV/AIDS virus, this video provides ridiculous examples of the naïveté of fundamentalist Christianity. The interviewer appears to be seriously taken aback by this claim from Robertson to whom Dusty poses the following question, no shit: “Pat Robertson, why are you still alive? Die already.”

Just watch the video.



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