Juicy Lesson #88: Comments to make you think

A couple of comments to make you think

At the beginning of December, I posted a JuicyLesson on the entitled Japs – Jewish American Princes/Princesses. Part of this lesson mentioned that I opposed the Jewish school system’s attempts to brainwash kids, from the earliest possible grade levels, into believing that Israel is always right and the Arab States, including the Palestinians, are always wrong in their disputes over territory and all other matters which provoke conflict between the Jews and the Arabs in the Middle East.

I taught the person whose comment follows in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and here is what this gentleman had to say :

“Not at all,your generalization of Bialik brainwashing the Jews, you are wrong look at my grade. My strong stance on Israel has never changed. You don’t get it, I come from Survivors of the holocaust. The stories I heard directly from my parents is unlike anything you have experienced. I have been profoundly affected by this. I am who I am. I thought like you once when Rabin was around, had incredible hope for peace. The pals could have had a country already. I respect you but don’t agree with everything you say. 100,000 + dead in Syria and it continues because we gave Assad free will, because he is destroying his Chemicals. Make concessions to Iran who is the reason Syria exists. Iran is a danger and the theatre it’s displaying before the world doesn’t work for me. I will give Peace a chance when I see some true leaders in the world. Obama is not one of them, a real disappointment.”

Now my response to this gentleman’s email:

“You don’t have to agree with everything I say. The respect is mutual. I had grandparents who lived through the holocaust but in Canada; my Zaida lost some siblings and when my Uncle Itzick, his brother, returned to take up residence in Germany following the war, my Zaida never spoke to his brother again. I still say to give peace a chance and just because Obama hasn’t followed what you believe is not reason to call him a disappointment across the board. What about the Affordable Care Act and the US presently showing the lowest unemployment rate since before Obama became President? Obama is an honest man, and it’s rare rare to find a man like that in politics, let alone one who occupies the American Presidency.”

The question I ask is can one be brainwashed without even knowing it? By the very nature of what is meant by the term, the answer would appear to be a resounding “Yes”. They get you when you’re really young and keep teaching you the same stuff over and over until you actually believe it; not only that, the brainwashed person actually comes to believe that he/she had always felt and thought that way. That’s my view for what it’s worth.

Peace out.

2 responses to “Juicy Lesson #88: Comments to make you think”

  1. After grade 11, we ‘brainwashed’ graduates got to join with the secular world and form our own opinions on Zionism.

    I guess that I would rather brainwash the love for Israel than to train children to hate, throw rocks or tie bombs to themselves.

    It may be a bit of propaganda but there is a lovely piece about Palestinian workers crossing into Israel to work at the Soda Stream factory. The owner promotes making soda machines in peace instead of fighting and destroying communities.

    I heard Israeli doctors treated the infant granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Or how about the wounded Syrian soldiers being cared for by Israeli doctors, wondering why these Israelis are so kind…

    As you said, a country is like a person.. not always right or wrong.

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