Guilty or Guilty – Fear and Loathing in the Wake of January 6th, 2021.

No one in his/her right mind can think that Donald Trump shouldn’t be indicted, especially after viewing the Select Committee hearing today (Thursday, October 13th, 2022). It’s just that the powerful evidence provided by Trumpists themselves including his Attorney General, Bill Barr, Pat Cipollone the WH Counsel, Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s third press secretary, and others gets lost in the shuffle as each day passes following every Subcommittee hearing. These people all pointedly stated, on tape, that they had told Trump that there was no evidence to support his contention that the presidential election of November, 2020, had been stolen, that Joe Biden had not won and that he, Trump, was still the legitimately elected POTUS (President Of The United States) – no evidence whatsoever. Even Rudi Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, had stated at some point (and not in an interview with the Select Committee) that they had the theories but lacked the evidence (to support their hypothesis that the election had been rigged).

In other words, the power of the evidence that the former president knew that the election had not been fraudulent, that he had tried to pressure officials in Georgia, Arizona and Michigan to find him votes or to commit other crimes like supporting the appointments of fake electors, as well as riling up his supporters leading up to the attempted insurrection of the 6th of January, 2021, in addition to putting pressure on Mike Pence, his vice-president not to certify the election – all of this becomes less powerful as time passes in the aftermath of each hearing.

I am presently watching what should be the final session of the Select Committee prior to the mid-term election scheduled for Tuesday, November 8th, less than eight weeks away, and I can’t believe some of the things that I’m hearing, not the least of which is the apparent fact that so many people from the group having been heard in committee and making things look badly for Trump are either family members, appointees of the former president or friends and onetime sycophants.

This time, things aren’t gonna be forgotten as fast or as easily shoved into the background since, at the conclusion of today’s hearing, the nine committee members voted unanimously to actually subpoena the former president to hear what he had to say. As Trump, himself, is wont to say, “we’ll see what happens”.

Peace out, folks. Hang on tightly.

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Thanks, folks.

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