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Fear and Loathing in Amerika

Another JuicyLesson from 🇨🇦 Jerry 🇨🇦.

So this is what happened. Seditious conspiracy on the part of that moron, Trump. As a matter of fact, some members of his inner circle have already pled guilty to seditious conspiracy which is a conspiracy to overthrow the Amerikan government. Cassidy Hutchinson testified at the Select Committee investigating the January 6th, 2021, attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and what she had to say was literally earth shattering as well as being mind blowing.

Apparently Trump actually grabbed the steering wheel in a vehicle being driven by a member of the Secret Service when his demand to go to the Capitol was denied. He was supposed to be driven to the White House and stated that he was the President of the United States and that he was ordering the driver to take him to the Capitol. In response, his Secret Service driver told him to take his hand off the steering wheel and then, when the seditious, anti-democratic moron didn’t respond, the driver grabbed his wrist and removed his hand from the wheel; at that point, Trump physically attacked the other agent sitting in the front seat.

Trump knew that there were weapons being carried by some of his supporters who were trying to breach the Capitol, including hand guns, knives and at least one AR-15 and he was pissed, according to Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony. By the way, all of the contents of this JuicyLesson are derived from Hutchinson’s testimony today, and she testified that Trump was pissed because these weapon-bearers were being turned away when metal detectors alerted to the presence of weapons and Trump wanted those metal detectors removed. They won’t hurt me, he supposedly said. What a fucking lowlife. All this is happening in response to the Big Lie, the debunked conspiracy theory that Biden stole the election and that he didn’t really beat Trump, but that Trump actually won the election in a landslide.

Trump also tried intimidate, and tamper with, committee witnesses. These people received phone calls just before they were set to testify, telling them, among other things, that Trump reads transcripts – so much for the myth that Trump can’t read – and that “he knows that you’re loyal and that you will do the right thing”. This is witness tampering and if proven, reflects criminal intent. Right now, however, these allegations fall into the category as “hearsay” and, as such, are not admissible in a court of law. Too bad.

There were more revelations but these will have to wait for another JuicyLesson.

Peace out

BREAKING NEWS: Apparently, the two Secret Service agents who were driving Trump that day have said that they were ready to testify to the Committee under oath that Trump did NOT grab the wheel. Whaddya know.

Cassidy Hutchinson, formerly Mark Meadows’ Chief of Staff being sworn in just before her testimony today, June 28th, 2022.


  • Peter Marmorek says:

    When he got back, he got mad and threw a hamburger against the wall, leaving a drip of ketchup running down the wall (I’m not joking). Note that they had a hamburger waiting for him at the white house to cheer him up.
    “The shit-gibbon is inbound. Repeat, the shit-gibbon is inbound. Deploy tactical distraction hamburger, we’re coming in hot and grouchy. This is a Code Orange. Repeat, Code Orange.”

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