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Due to the fact that my hands don’t work normally,B9447B8F-4633-4BD2-9B37-52A8DC17BB93certain modifications have been made to my bike.

Explanation of Modifications Made To HD Trike (2011), 103 cu in/1690 cc

It is a Harley trike, 2011. I bought it second hand in the summer of 2014 but didn’t take possession until later in September as it took about 10 weeks for the modifications to be done. In fact, this is the beginning of the fourth year of my ride in this life. When I got the bike which had had one owner prior to my buying it, it had around 24,000 km. (15,000 miles) on it. Now the odometer is approaching 73,000 km., the equivalent of 45,625 miles. I am averaging about 16,000 km. a year, which is 10,000 miles.

I don’t know whether that’s a lot of mileage annually averaged, or not, given the fact that in 2015 and this year, 2018, I have ridden and plan on riding essentially all year round. In 2015, I shipped my bike down from Montreal to Charleston, SC, in mid-January. I then drove down in my Cadillac ATS, stored the car, and took off on my bike.

That time I ended up in Tampa where I stayed for about three weeks, hanging out, riding, discovering the area, meeting people, seeing the Lightning hockey games, some against the Canadiens. How well I remember the Habs being taken out in the playoffs by the talented Tampa Bay squad in six games. I remember one goal in particular in one of the two games that the Canadiens won – one win at home and one win which I was at in Tampa – scored by Max Pacioretty. A beautiful shot.

I also took in some Grapefruit League baseball, spring training time. I went to Lakeland and saw the Tigers and to George Steinbrenner Field AD6DCEEC-929D-4516-B7BC-EA3A4DD8BAFAeither in or very close to Tampa, can’t recall, to see a game the Yankees were playing. I also drove to Dunedin, to see a Jays pre-season game but got so fed up trying to find a place to park my bike that I turned around and went straight back home, to Tampa that is, not to Munt-real, where it’s really too cold to drive a bike in winter.

I also went to Tropicana Field,2821A4A4-6EDD-4FB5-A8AE-F274EE073B78

in St. Petersburg, across a 14 mile bridge from Tampa, to see a Tampa Rays Grapefruit League game . I had a handicapped parking vignette on my motorcycle but it had expired about a month prior to my going to that game. Fuckers gave me a ticket, $250 USD, which I unhappily paid with a note on the cheque thanking the municipality, or whatever it is, of St. Petersburg for its hospitable nature. In all honesty, I could have and should have taken care of the expired sticker but still.

Speaking of cold, one morning, while at a crumby Day’s Inn in Lake City, FL., I awoke one morning at around 4:30 and discovered frost on my bike which made me nervous because I never had left my bike out and uncovered in cold weather before, and I wasn’t sure that the engine would turn over. So outside I go to start it up.

Long story short, if started alright, first time, but due to carelessness on my part, the bike just took off, with me watching, prone on my on the ground where the bike had tossed me as it took off, as it made a right turn and headed for a little grassy knoll, missing all kinds of parked cars in the lot as well as not hitting anything except two picnic tables – one turned into kindling, the other into lumber11B14329-C95B-49C4-920C-2326ED184FD2 – and taking out part of a cord fence – not the one pictured here – in the process.

The motorcycle stalled out, thank God, and came to rest on the knoll. I got it out of there, and then went to inform the boss what had happened. He said that he’d have a look and get back to me.

“Really messed up”, or words to that effect came out of his mouth a little
while later in the aftermath of his having surveyed the scene. He asked for damages in the amount of $175 USD, the equivalent of around $1000 CAN. 😆 which I happily paid.

Peace. Out.

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