Love to Learn, Learn to Love.

A “One-Off Saturday” Juicy Lesson

Hi friends.

Welcome to what I like to call a “One Off Saturday” Juicy Lesson.

I thought we would keep it simple today.

Saturday and/or Sunday seem(s) to be an appropriate time for reflection, contemplation, and at least to  make a serious and thoughtful effort to come to terms with our individual place in society.

Take some time today or tomorrow to think about the effects of the so-called “shitstem”, read “money and material things”, on our conduct, comportment and our sense of dignity or lack of same. Make time, if at all possible, to just sit back, relax and let your mind go while enjoying the remarkable master, Peter Tosh, an incredible singer. Amplifying the volume certainly helps.

In the “Advice from the Doctor” column comes this, my Rx for whatever is ailing you: Get stoned and let the music take you away. (The Doctor)


The Day the Dollar Die

I see Johnny with his head hanging down
Wondering how many schillings left in that pound
Cost of living it is rising so high
Dollar see that have heart attack and die

Bills and budgets are waiting
Finance ministers anticipating
Unemployment is rising
And I hear my people, they’re crying

The day the dollar die
Things are gonna be better
The day the dollar die
No more corruption
The day the dollar die
People will respect eachother
The day the dollar die

Tell me brother
Is there something I can do
Don’t you let frustrations make you blue

Time is hard
And I know that is true
But if you pick yourself up
That’s all you’ve got to do

Things can be much better
If we can come together
Long time we been divided
And it’s time we be inited

The day the dollar die
Gonna be better
The day the dollar die
I won’t need no pockets
The day the dollar die
Don’t have to be frettin’
The day the dollar die

Now I see you standing on your feet
And you can also make two ends meet
Never you let life problems get you down
There is always a solution to be found

Bills and budgets are mourning
Finance ministers groaning
Unemployment is rising
And I hear my people crying from the ghetto

The day the dollar die
It’s gonna be nice
The day the dollar die
Just you wait and see
The day this here dollar die
There be no more inflation
The day the dollar die

I say the day Danny dollar die
The day Sammy dollar die
We will love eachother
I said the day this a dollar die
Fight some inflation


Have an amazing rest of the week-end.




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