Very Fucked Up Juice; Fear and Loathing in the National Hockey League (NHL)

Cheveldayoff won’t be disciplined as a result of his having kept quiet about sexual assault.

This is very fucked up. So what if he was only at one meeting where the abuse was discussed. This meeting occurred in 2010 which means that Cheveldayoff kept his gob shut for around eleven years. He’s as guilty as anyone else; the excuse used aside from the only one meeting issue, was that he was “only” an assistant general manager (of the Blackhawks) at that time. Big deal. Now he’s a general manager, a higher up as it were, and was treated as such by Bettman. I wonder if Bettman, himself had knowledge of the sexual assault allegations. An interesting twist sees the resignation of Stan Bowman, son of Scotty, the Hawks’ general manager from 2010 until he resigned a couple of days ago. Why did Bowman resign while Cheveldayoff got off pretty much scott free?

Bradley Aldrich, the perpetrator of the sexual assaults, was a video coach, and will have his name scratched from the Stanley Cup which the Blackhawks won in 2010. Joel Quenneville, the Chicago Blackhawk coach at the time the sexual abuse occurred and who was aware of it, has resigned from coaching the Florida Panthers; the fact that he was behind the bench on Wednesday, October 27th/21, the day the allegations re-surfaced when the brave and gracious Kyle Beach let it all hang out while being interviewed by Rick Westhead of TSN. Quenneville actually shrugged off the allegations in 2010 saying that he didn’t want the Hawks pursuit of the Stanley Cup to be compromised. Fucking absurd to say the least. How did some of these apparent sociopaths live with themselves – actually because they are sociopaths they are incapable of showing empathy as well as being able to live with themselves in the face of their inaction or worse.

To see Kyle Beach crying at times during the aforemrntioned interview was heart-breaking. Imagine having to live with the anguish (ensuing as a result of his having been sexually assaulted) day after day, month after month and year after year for about eleven years and counting. We can only hope that his having bared it all for everyone to see will alleviate at least some of his pain.

The explanations provided by Hawks’ captain Jonathan Toews and defenceman Duncan Keith were pathetic to say the least. Toews said that he wished he had handled the situation differently or words to that effect. No fucking shit, man. You’re a prick and should never play for Canada again in international tournaments and you should be stripped of your captaincy of the Blackhawks. Go (straight) to hell, to quote Tony Marinaro, of TSN Radio 690 in Montreal.


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  1. Apparently the NHL and the NHLPA were notified along with the Blackhawks so how the fuck did Bettman not know. I have many questions mainly how the fuck does beach let this happen without beating on the guy, what kind of clout can a videographer have. He does not deserve this and I am with him all the way. As for the others shame on all of them they should all have their names removed along with chevaldayoff. Every sport and every franchise have their secrets. Hats off to Beach for bringing this out

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