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Trump the Hump

Donald Trump’s quite popular, we see. This should worry sane, educated and intelligent people not only in the USA, but also in North America and the rest of the world.  This guy just yesterday told one of his crowds that he felt “like punching (one of the protesters at the rally) in the face”. Enough said to the sane, educated and intelligent among us.

There is actually a chance that this brash … adjectives defy me at the moment, so  let’s just refer to this jerk as Trump, he has a chance to become the US president next November. Horror of horrors.

In order to view this scenario in a less negative light, we have to go with what may be referred to as the “Marxist Dialectic Route” [MDR] which argues that history unfolds dialectically. What this implies that for every Thesis, there is an Antithesis (anti-thesis), which invariably leads to a antagonistic struggle between these two with result that a Synthesis takes place, combining the “best” elements of both the above-mentioned Thesis [T] and Antithesis [A]. This Synthesis [S] then becomes a spanking new Thesis which we can and will label as T1. Hence the process begins again so that T1 + A1 = S1 and so it goes.

Back to Trump in a moment.

First though, it must be noted that a conservative view of the Dialectic as Marx, Karl, described it, would lead to the end of history as we know it because eventually all antagonistic stuff would be eliminated. Mao Zedong took care of that which doesn’t mean necessarily that Mao was a “conservative”; he probably decided that Marx’s theory needed a supplement purely to make this ideology more palatable with conservative Communists and/or Progressives in the house.

What he argued was this. He stated that there were going to exist “Non-Antagonistic” Syntheses and Antithesis which would enter the picture once the ultimate stage according to Marx had been reached. Then the contradictions between T and A would never end as we seek purer and purer forms of life, friendship, generosity, etc., all good.

With the Trump phenomenon, we are very much viewing his progress towards the Presidency as some kind of Antithesis of something more positive with the ultimate result being a higher Synthesis with Trump no longer in the picture.

The two questions that then come to mind are: (a) For how long must we endure him?; and (b) How much damage can he do in the time he remains “in the picture”?

All this is in the context of the Dialectical interpretation of history. If that theory did not exist or if we don’t swallow it “in all its glory” then God help us. All.

Peace out.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This person makes some excellent points. (JC)

    Trump’s remark about wanting to punch a protestor in the face bothered you that much? Man, you better not look at what goes on in the Knesset, or better, the fist fights in the Taiwanese government. I remember when I was in Israel, Rabin, who was PM at the time, came to the kibbutz I was on to defend a no-confidence motion. Some planes arrived from the US on Shabbos and the religious parties were livid. Anyway, here he was speaking and the crowd was screaming at him, running up to the stage making threatening gestures. I thought they would have killed him had it not been for his burly bodyguards. I expressed my concerns to this kibbutznik sitting next to me and he just smiled and said, “You obviously don’t understand much Hebrew, they are his supporters!”

    Anyway, how is what Trump said different from the quote from one Jerry Cohen with regards to the mother of Ethan Couch – “I would like to wipe that smirk right off her fucking face”? Should I worry about your sanity too? ;>) Fact is, we all feel like that at various points. So what? Remember Chretien choking that guy who got in his way (the Shawinigan handshake)? I’m much more concerned about Hillary’s sanity. In the sometimes quite astute take-offs (or is it takes-off?) of her on SNL, she is depicted as having to scream and cuss into tiny jars,

    I think you’re freaking out way too much about Trump long before the dust has settled. Anything can happen and often has happened to upset the early-on front runner later on the campaign. Maybe Bloomberg will enter the race, which could make things interesting. Anyway, what do we really know about Trump as politician? Nada. He’s never served in public office, so we have nothing to go by, except his brash, often off-the-wall comments. Could be it’s all a big game, feeding his followers what they want to hear. Even if he were to get in, he’d have a lot of difficulty pushing through some of the things he SAYS he wants to do. Same with Bernie …. throwing out all kinds of stats and numbers. How many of the starry-eyed kids who are behind him for the free college tuition and to see him stick it to the banks are going home and crunching the numbers? Meanwhile, the real menace, for me anyway, is Mrs. Self-Entitled, she with all the Arab money behind her, her years of lying, conniving as Sec of State, her criminal past with hubby, her antipathy towards Israel. For my money, she is by far the most dangerous and malevolent of all the candidates. I’m surprised people aren’t more bothered by her. Anyway, what was the question?

    Didn’t quite follow how the Hegelian / Marxist dialectic works out according to Mao. Here’s a completely different take on it, from a thoroughly Jewish perspective (read to the end). It’s an excerpt from a humorous, entertaining book called Born to Kvetch. Have a laugh.

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