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JuicyLesson 132: An introduction to the Retar Crew … More from the Cult of Dusty … Fear and loathing at the Sochi games; an excellent start for Canada … Three medals, one of each colour … The Habs and same sex couples in the United States

A bit all over the place today starting with some sports news.

A) The Sochi Russia Winter Olympics began yesterday, Canada has won three medals so far, and is tied with Norway in terms of medal count while Canadian Olympians, having set a record at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 with fourteen Golds, look for four results:
— To break our record of fourteen Golds four years ago.
— To finish first in Gold medal count in this Olympics
— To finish first overall in total medals. We haven’t heard much about owning the podium yet as much in these Games, certainly not nearly the saturation levels reached by those three little words in Vancouver.
— Above all, to demonstrate that we are gracious winners when we win, and fraceful losers when we don’t. I hate the whining which have been evidenced, by both commentators and some athletes at previous Olympics, e.g. the results are fixed, I was robbed, the course was too fast, too dangerous, too slow – pick one – their teams are stacked with pros, the other athletes are juiced (see East Germany’s “women” swim teams), the food sucks, as do the accommodations.

Stop whining. Do your best and if things don’t quite work out the way you had wanted them to, just hold your head up high, congratulate the other competitors and keep your eyes on the prize for the next time.

That being said, we are aware of the fact that the hopes and prayers of every country are riding on and with the aspirations and achievements of their Olympian “heroes” who, themselves have trained hard, given up partying, dedicating themselves to the task at hand which is the desire to win Gold or at least a medal regardless of its colour, therefore, admittedly making it tough for the losers to show good sportsmanship in the immediate aftermath of a stunning defeat. People love winners and not losers and the losers know that, making it that much tougher to lose with grace. But it can be done so please just do it.

One more point to make before moving on and that is that the first scandal of these Olympics has surfaced – on Day One! The Russian and French judges, it is charged, are working in cahoots to ensure that they get the results they want in the figure skating segment of the Games’ programme. Canadian broadcasters have jumped all over this story as at least a part of the reason that Canadian figure skating pairs team finished a close second to the Russians and just slightly ahead of the American figure skaters. No medals were handed out the first day as far as figure skating is concerned as we are now into the team skating competition an addition to the Olympics this year.

B) How about dem Habs. After showing nothing for all of the first and almost all of the second period as well, the Canadiens scored two goals in the final minutes of the second frame, and came out for the third period with a one goal lead and pretty much played an excellent third period, getting two more goals including an empty netter to leave North Carolina, the city of Raleigh, the capital of that state with a 4-1 win. David Desharnais (2), Ryan White and Brian Gionta scored for the Canadiens while the lone Carolina goal was tallied by Bowman whofor the Hurricanes.

The only negative to take away from the game preceding the Olympic break is the upper body injury suffered by Max Pacioretty, the Habs’ most prolific goal scorer this season. On a more positive note, remember that Maxie’s a fast healer. I certainly hope that Pacioretty will be ready to return to the ice soon for the sake of both the Canadiens and the American Olympic hockey team of Maxie-boy was supposed to be part.

(C) A “welcome to the 21st century” to the Excited States re. Same sex marriages. Same sex couples will now have the same rights and protection offered to heterosexual couples. Also, since this is a federal law, states disagreeing with it cannot do anything about it, similar to forced racial integration in the States in the early 1960’s when certain Governors – Orville Faubus of Arkansas and George Wallace of Alabama – initially refused to obey the law forcing first JFK and later LBJ to bring out federal troops to enforce the law.

D) Another “Cult of Dusty” video for your edification and enjoyment. I really enjoy this ex-Christian’s world view.

That’s it for today’s JL.

Y’all come back soon, now.

Peace out.

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