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The Juice on Trump

Trump, Aug. 23/17

Now he says that the “dishonest media” are bad people “who don’t like our country. I firmly believe that”. He had also said that the media are trying to steal “our culture, our history”.

He might like the showmanship, the applause, but he is slow to realize the effect of his words on human behaviour. Maybe that’s just what he wants, to rile up his base by whatever means, foul or foul, using the MSM as one of his sorest points. He actually gets the crowd to chant “USA USA USA”, starting the chant himself. I saw that at some kind of rally, not that recent, and I had trouble believing what I was seeing.

The cheer-leader president. What a fucker.

“I really question his fitness to be in this office … maybe he’s looking for a way out … I worry about the nuclear codes”. Quite disturbing coming from the former head of intelligence, James Clapper.

Trump is fighting a media war, a war against what he calls the MSM (Mainstream Media).

Trump lacks impulse control, seems to be vengeful, and any president can start a nuclear war without congressional approval. Congress MUST fix this right away. I mean yesterday.

Clay Jones /

Clay Jones /

The House and the Senate managed to pass a bill sanctioning Russia for meddling in the 2016 presidential election 71276D4D-F330-431B-9215-EF7696BFF867-4144-0000042D508C64F2and Trump, although unhappy about it and expressing his disgust prior to the signing, saying that it represented an unnecessary curb on presidential power, did put his John Hancock (oi) on that piece of legislation. Also, as stated in the bill, the president, CANNOT lift these sanctions unilaterally, i.e. in the absence of the congressional approval.

So if Congress was able to take steps to curb the president’s power in the first instance, that is with regard to Russia, surely, they are able to take similar action when the stakes are much higher, the nuclear codes, life and death.

Let’s say Trump feels that his presidency is effectively over and he realizes that most of the country considers him, in Anna Navarro’s words, “the biggest jerk we’ve ever had around here”, then what would stop him from “pressing the button” in a nuclear attack on Kim Jon Un’s North Korea?

Daryl Cagle /

Daryl Cagle /

Either he’s the biggest jerk in the world according to CNN analyst, Anna Navarro, or he’s mentally ill and instead of hating him, we should pity him.

Remember this is the man whom his doctor signed off on a document stating that Trump would be the healthiest man ever to assume office. Physically, perhaps, but the jury’s still out on his mental competence.

Something’s gotta give and soon. The divisions in American society are now coming out of the closet, as it were, which may be either good or bad depending on your perspective.

If you believe that it’s positive to see what white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, the KKK, racists and homophobes of all stripes are up to, how they “think”, so that we know what we, the “normals” have to confront, then it’s a good thing as far as you are concerned.

Also, appended to the above argument is one that states that it is better to let the dog out in small batches, rather than to keep the dog bottled up until he explodes and bites somebody, or worse. I think the parallel is obvious without the need for further explanation right now.

However, if your view holds a position diametrically opposed to the above, then you must obviously see these goings on as negative. But in the case where people get converted to alt-rightist ways of looking at things and become part of, for example, a neo-Nazi group, then that makes it bad, even more so.

Regardless of all this it is evident that education goes sadly lacking down there and Betsy deVoss ain’t the one to fix it, not even close. In her defence it must be stated that no one can address the disaster which is the American educational system, until it becomes a true government priority to do so. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, that is not likely to happen soon if at all. Even stupid Trump must realize that he draws support from uneducated white males overwhelmingly, and he caters to that segment of the population.

Women for Trump. Seriously?3A1CF79A-3C52-4D31-9B2D-A4DBADB56F80-4144-0000042CC1F3DCF5 Only a completely ignorant woman can support a man who shows such a great degree of disrespect to woman. “Grab ‘em by the p****, they let you do it. I just start kissing (pretty women), I can’t help it.”
He’s a pig.1AD82092-B5DF-46A7-B03E-747C92B9693A-4144-0000042CFDC747D0 That’s all he is, pure and simple. A real canker in the US political system. Drain the swamp. Build a wall. Like those will ever happen, regardless of Trump’s threat to close down the government in the face in Democrat intransigence when it comes to allocating funds for that “beautiful” wall. Where’s the toilet, please. I think I’m gonna throw up.

What a freaking mess.

Peace out.

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  • doubting phil says:

    Our best bet is to drain the cesspool right ASAP! That is to follow the money!! The stink always strongest at the turd, or money eh! Let’s make a game of finding out where his taxes are? Where the money came and went. I’m sure there are people other than the Russians who can figure out these things. Before we find ourselves in a war, or worse a melt down of AMERICAN GLOBAL ECONOMY! We are all connected there, including the Russians and Chinese.

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