The Juice on Sarah Palin

I just finished watching an interview with Palin, John McCain’s Vice Presidential nominee in 2008, and ended up turning it off before its conclusion.

The selection of Palin by the McCain camp didn’t help his cause, to say the least, and was a major reason for his defeat, I think. Imagining Palin as President if something would have happened to the older McCain was too much to contemplate for any intelligent soul. McCain’s judgement that he would win the female vote simply because his running mate was a imagewoman was totally off-the-mark obviously.

I can’t decide which would be worse for the world – President Palin or President Trump.  Gag me with a spoon.

Judging from her “performance” in the above-mentioned CNN spot, she remains totally conservative and just plain ignorant. It says a lot about the Americans that her narrow-minded “views” resonate with so many of them.

From her statement that Obama should have been carrying a big stick instead of a selfie stick on his just-concluded (I think it’s over; ain’t sure) Alaska visit to her idea that Mount McKinley’s name should not have been changed because the name of the national park was changed (it is now Denali), to her belief that Americans should speak “white” echoing her hero Donald Duck, it was all too much.

imageI can only say this: after having found myself mumbling “what a jerk” during her interview at least twice, I turned her off.

Palin knew something that I did not and possibly should have as a retired secondary school geography teacher and that is that Mount Danali is the highest peak in North Anerica. What I do know is that Canada’s highest peak is Mount Logan, located in the Yukon Territory. But it is not as high as Mount Danali, though.

By the way, Palin, in epitomizing self service took a second to mention that she has a kid named Danali and a kid called McKinley which I’m sure is all very nice.

In answering a question regarding selective abortion being legalized in the case of a Downs Syndrome fetus (she opposes this) – she said, in case this had slipped our collective mind that her son, Trig, has Downs Syndrome. The only real part of the segment of that interview that I actually watched before closing off in disgust concerned what she said went through her mind when she learned that her yet unborn child was afflicted.

She described being fearful in terms of the enormous challenges which emanate from raising  any mentally or physically challenged kid. I must say that I was touched by this.

Needless to say that Palin supports Trump and secretly wants to be his Vice Presidential nominee – birds of a feather can totally fuck us together. Imagine that. She, however, stated that she would like to be Energy Secretary in a Trump administration due to the fact that she would be able to exploit the enormous natural gas and oil deposits in Alaska rather than the USA having to import oil from hostile nations. Umm. Since when is Canada, which is the major source of American oil and gas imports, hostile to the United States? Also, in this context, she had the nerve to indirectly deny the notion of global warming.

On Trump labelling foreign policy questions which he obviously could not answer in a conservative radio host’s interview last week – and I didn’t know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah – which operates mainly in Gaza while Hamas works mostly from Lebanon – on Trump’s calling out a conservative radio host for posing what Trump calls “gotcha” questions, Palin agreed with that characterization. Well no freaking kidding, considering how ignorant Palin was proven to be while running for Vice in 2008.


(Yes, I didn’t know that either but I am not running to be the leader of the free world.)

That’s it for now. Hope your day is being good to you and you, to it.

Peace out.













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