The Juice Makes a Cameo.

Hi there, friends.
Just thought I’d enlighten you and your evening with some bits of wisdom re. the kid, our Right Honourable P.M. Justin “Pretty Boy- Doe-eyed-in-the-headlights” Trudeau.
That’s the way he looked to me in his meeting with one of the three companies’ executives re. trying to get a commitment from them to invest more in Canada. Executives from Honda, Toyota, and Suburu, stated that they had no plans to increase their investment in Canada.
So now the spin is that this whole Japanese trip is part of a process of building bridges, getting to know each other (better?) and the like. Oohh-Kay.
Who’s he trying to “kid”?
Not someone older than him, me for example, or those Japanese fifty to sixty year olds sitting opposite Trudeau at the “negotiating table”, with Trudeau’s look and demeanour saying that he’d rather actually be anywhere else. Just totally out-classed and out-gamed on a playing field not of his making – let’s be fair here, give the boy his due.
He can’t play their game anymore than they can play his. Unfortunately, things get pretty well defined when one of the nations actually goes begging, literally.
Please remember at times of indecision that the “eyes have it” or as in the words of a Phoenix Alternative colleague, Susan Gilmore, “you know what you saw”.

And then there’s poor little Sophie Gregoire, the Prime Minister’s wife, to whom I deliver a simple message: Stop falling all over yourself and get real, babe.

#not in this lifetime

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