Something Old, Something New

Today’s Juice deals with a three-way conversation for the most part among my friend from Maryland [FFM], a guy who we shall call ***, and me.

The whole exchange was provoked by a video, posted by my FFM.

*** starts off with the following wiser and cultured remark:
Fuck Muhammad! Fuck Islam! Bring it on you Goat Humping Pig Pokers!!! ๐Ÿ–•

Someone else: Not unless they wear BP vests. Hard to talk shit with holes in center mass.

Then my FFM adds this gem which was sure to advance our conversation:
“hopefully we will wise up”

… only to be bested by this from a woman related to ***, I’m guessing his wife:
“Hopefully we will “RISE” up”!

Very nice talk. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Part of the blame for this type of thing goes to attitudes like yours as well as to that dick, Donald Trump.

*** responds brilliantly : *** : Oh yeah, here’s one last comment for you CRYBABY IDIOTS who say “Part of the blame for this type of thing goes to attitudes like yours???” If you don’t like it then YOU take them into YOUR home dumbass.


*** : Fuck you too, THAT’S what is so great about this country is the freedom to say what you want…….Don’t like it? Then fucking leave! Nobody cares! ๐Ÿ–•

Guy obviously didn’t know that I was Canadian which prompted the following shit from these complete wackos:

Me: It’s not what you say that’s a abhorrent; it’s the fact that you think like you do, although I’m not sure that a moron like you can … think, that is.

Note that I called him a moron.

Me: Name-calling. Nice. Let’s keep this argument on a higher level than “fuck you”, and shit like that. Bring it on, boys. It’s a Canadian talking to you. We have taken in thousands of refugees from Syria and elsewhere. No problem. So far, that is. Note that I qualify my original statement, more as a courtesy than anything else.

Note that the guy was too stupid to say something about the fact that subsequent to my castigating him for name-calling, I did the exact same thing. I, on the other hand, may be too stupid to use the word “subsequent” correctly.

All the lad, who served in the military, btw, had to say instead, was this:

*** : “I’m so impressed!”

Me: I didn’t say it to impress anyone, least of all, you. I was just making a statement of fact, which you seem to be short on. Facts, that is.

Me: That’s enough. Good luck to you for the next four years under Hillary. I preferred Sanders; can’t stand her, not trustworthy, don’t believe her denials. But what is the choice? Hillary or that racist, xenophobic, self-centred asshole, Donald Hump. If you think the Clintons were bad, wait until you learn more about the Trumps. Why doesn’t he release his tax forms, for example. Is he hiding something? His denials using the argument that he cannot release his taxes until the present audit is completed, has been labelled bs by the very people conducting said audit, the IRS. Thank God that he doesn’t have a chance. Whether he or youse guys like it or not, the States is becoming and has actually become a multicultural mosaic as has this great country of ours, Canada. The days of white bread, pure and simple, are over. You have two choices : you can become angry and hateful or you can adapt. Good luck. Good health. Happiness. Peace.

The following exchange occurred on the same page but with a different guy, someone I still consider a friend. I met him in Florida, he, me and his friend all on bikes. He invited me to his home in Maryland and I took him up on it on my way back home from my wintering trip to Tampa during winter 2014. Had a great time, he and his wife treated me like a king.
I found him cleaning my bike in his garage one day while I was there, just like that, kind man.
He did listen to conservative talk radio but I had no idea that he has this inside him:

Friend from Maryland [FFM] : When thousands of those scorpion eaters take over one of your largest cities screaming DEATH TO CANADA I will laugh till I wet my pants.You boys better wake up Eh,Because if you keep telling us how dumb we are we will sit on the sidelines and SHOW you how dumb you are.

A saner contributor to our conversation, a woman had the following to add. Just to add context, earlier in the exchange I blamed Trump for fomenting a psychological environment which could contribute to the radicalization of Muslims who then, as so-called “lone wolves” …

Woman: The rise of Islamic extremism has absolutely zero to do with Donald Trump. It has been emboldened by the liberal media, politicians and our current president. His policies and executive orders have systematically opened the proverbial gates to our cities. That Sir is/are the fact(s). We the People of this nation have truly fought and bled to protect our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. We cannot sit idle and allow our way of life to be taken with out a fight. A great man once said, “I would rather die standing on my feet than live on my knees.” I am content to live with any people of any religion.. IN PEACE. Radical Islam does not want that peace. If they throw down the gauntlet in my country I am happy to pick it up.

Lol! Such a joke but coming from Canada what else would you expect and if thats the best you can come with……,,then ๐Ÿ–•!

Moi: Ah, another cultured response from ***

*** : Oh and That is rich…….YOU talking about CULTURE? You need to have some culture before you TALK about it!

My Maryland friend has this to say: *** is a Army veteran, his kids are Army veterans.He has EARNED the right of free speech,Unlike haughty College types Who expound on everything but have done nothing. Jessie has been in the trenches. What are you going to do, talk it to death?

Me: I answer right here right now that I have been in a different type of trench, teaching high school kids for 34 years. If successful, good teaching can bring about good learning and an end to war and one of its chief causes, bigotry. We all make choices. He enlisted in the military. Good for him and I mean that. Sincerely. It’s great that he decided to put his life on the line for his country. That was his choice.


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  1. When we bring in the Zarniev brothers into this country under asylum and give them EVERYTHING!!! And they repay you by murdering people and BLOWING THE LEGS OFF OF A 4 YEAR OLD!!! it is far past the time to shut it down and figure just what the F**K is going on.

  2. Yes, discussions and emotions are very much fraught with difficulties on-line. The nuances just don’t come across it seems.Then we have the baiting and the venting to deal with, both in absorbing it and dishing it out.

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