Saturday One-Off : Music by John Lennon, Aislin Strikes Again … Real Loathing and Fear … Officer “I’m Going To Fucken Kill You” Relieved of Duty … Censorship in the Excited States …

It’s been some time since an Aislin cartoon was featured as part of a JuicyLesson. So we welcome back the Gazette’s Terry Mosher (Aislin) with a cartoon which captures the essence of corruption in Quebec : construction magnate Tony Acurso giving a big hug to ex-Premier Jean Charest and getting hugged in return by Charest.

A Missouri police officer has been relieved of duty after using profane language in a threat to “fucking kill” an unarmed, ‘peaceful’ demonstrator, clearly heard to ask that officer his name only to be told to go “fuck yourself”.

The use of profane language is still regarded as a social faux pas and treated as such in the Excited States where any kind of swearing, regardless of context, is invariably bleeped out, by law I should add, just to clarify how badly things have gone south, south of the border, so badly that they have to legislate on stuff like that.

The real vulgarity, in another case, was hearing the crunch of cop truncheon on an African American – this happened years ago, and has zilch to do directly with Missouri, but I am reminded of that in the clip of a Missouri cop, a pig in this case, telling unarmed demonstrators to step back or he would “bleeping” kill them. It was obvious that the fucking cop was saying the word ‘fucking’ as in “I will fucking kill you” but the network had bleeped out the “dirty word” when the real dirtiness was there for any observer to see: an armed police officer pushing people around and threatening them with violence.

Same thing with the cop reigning truncheon blows down on the above-mentioned unarmed, young, Afro-American man, the crunching sounds most evident but the words used by the victim, in reacting to the blows from the officer – “shit”, “fuck”, whatever; the swear words used by the person being beaten were censored. Right. Out.

Ridiculous. Hypocritical to the extreme.

Above: John Lennon does “Come Together”

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