Lesson #9 : Medicinal marihuana, Scleroderma, and me.

The pot comes in a gold envelope (see photo), delivered by Purolater. Forty-five grams a month is how I much I order and it’s been arriving lately in four gold envelopes: three envelopes each containing five grams and one containing thirty grams, one-and-a-half grams per day.


It looks and smells differently from any grass I have ever smoked and I’ve been smoking weed for over forty-five years now and hash, and doing other dope as well including but not restricted to the following. In order to have made this list, I have had to indulge in the given drug at last once.
In no particular order:

  1. Hash
  2. Grass
  3. LSD – wouldn’t recommend this drug to any one. It, and other psychdelic drugs like Mescaline and Psylocibin, as well as drugs that can mess with your mind like THC, MDA and Angel Dust put me away, three times.
  4. PCP – animal tranquilliser commonly referred to as Angel Dust, a real killer
  5. MDA
  6. Mescaline
  7. Bennies, Dexedrine and other speed pills
  8. Smack. I snorted smack twice, during my salad days in England in the late sixties and early seventies. I have never shot dope. I think that’s because five-year old me seeing my diabetic grandmother, my Bubby, fix herself up with an insulin-filled needle early on a number of sunny summer mornings in Ste-Agathe Sud put me off intravenous drug use forever. Baruch HaShem. I still remember the dimples on her chubby stomach as she grabbed some skin with one hand readying this lump of skin for the needle by compressing it between her fingers.
  9. Downers: depressants like Mandies (Mandrax) and Valium.
  10. Cocaine. If you wanna get down, down to the ground, Cocaine. Haven’t touched powder in too many years to count; don’t miss it either.
  11. Prescription drugs (painkillers for Scleroderma like Supeudol aka Oxycodone and Seroquil, and medicinal weed), as well as Actonel, Carbocal, and other assorted prescribed drugs to fight pneumonia and scleroderma.
  12. Psylocibin
  13. THC

I probably have forgotten some but that’s the basic list. If I were to make a list of all the non-prescription drugs I have done over the last eight years or so, the only two drugs on it would be weed (A friend with weed is a friend indeed.) and hash. That’s it. that’s all.

I wouldn’t mind a puff of nice hash once in a while but it’s been pretty hard to find over the last five years or so. Right?

The truth that allows me to post this shit in as public a forum as FB is, without fear of the man, is the fact that I have a license to possess no more than forty-five (45) grams of pot at one time. (See the photos of the order form as well as that of the table showing the cost, $5.00/gram, which accompany this JuicyLesson.) My license (see photo) from the Feds is renewable annually. They used to give us a card to carry in our wallets but they stopped doing that. So every time I’m going out in public with pot, either walking, driving, on a plane destined for domestic locations or on a train, I have to carry around that stupid piece of paper. I just thought of a way to deal with my problem so never mind.

Two of the constituents in weed are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) it’s most significant psychoactive element, and CBD (Cannabidiol) which Wikipedia states is not as psychoactive as THC. The pot I order from the government has a 12 -12,5% THC content compared to street pot which comprises a THC component of at least 15%, and as high as 30% (Wikipedia). The THC in hash and pot is the component which gets the consumer stoned while CBD has more of a medicinal quality to it. CBD also has an anti-inflammatory effect which makes it ideal to counteract one important symptom of Scleroderma.

That is not to say that government pot, with its lower THC content, doesn’t get you stoned because it does, and very strongly at times. In order for the body to be able to metabolise THC, it has to be dissolved in fat, hence the use of butter in the making of weed tea and pot butter in baking or cooking with pot.

I will continue this discussion tomorrow.

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