Lesson #46: Heroes and Nothings

Happy Halloween.

“When witches go riding,
And black cats are seen,
The moon laughs and whisper
‘Tis near Halloween.” (Unknown Author)

Every Monday Gazette sports writer, Jack Todd, my all-time favourite columnist, writes a column which includes a section which he calls Heroes and Zeroes. A great and good friend of mine, John Fasciano, has adapted the “Heroes and Zeroes” title to read “Heroes and Nothings”. So without further ado, here is today’s JuicyLesson entitled “Heroes and Nothings”.


The St. Louis Cardinals who lost the World Series this year but fought tooth and nail against those hated Bosox, the Montreal Canadiens hockey team who are doing well at the moment but it’s a long season, Michael Bourneval, Carey Price and his backup Peter Budaj, Habs defenseman Andrei Markov because it’s nice to have him back on the ice, The Kid Line of Lars Eller, Alex Galchenyuk, and Brendon Gallagher, the captain of the Canadiens Brian Gionta, George Parros, Habs behemoth defenseman 6’3″ 240 lbs. Douglas “I can’t wait to hit someone” Maurray, P.K. Subban whom those jerks on TSN have left off their pick list for the Canadian Olympic team because those idiots call him “high risk” whereas I see him as an offensive defenseman cut in the mold of Bobby Orr, Bobby Orr, rookie Habs defenseman Nathan Beaulieu, Murray, Als wide receivers S.J. Green and Deron Carter, the Montreal Impact for making the Major League Soccer Playoffs, deceased singer and song writer Lou Reed, Foreigner, Chilliwack’s Mister Rock, Backstreet Boys for a couple of their lovely tunes which really move me believe it or not, Arcade Fire’s great song Reflektor which is the fastest seven plus minutes presently in music because it’s so good, the Eagles who will be at the Bell Centre next Monday, November 4th, my friends Edward Ehrenreich, Susan Dinan, Lee Moss, Loren Lann, Arleen Solomon Rotchin, my website designer Aron Black who has done a terrific job, www.ajuicylessonperday.net, Patrick Roi and the Colorado Avalanche who are 10-1 with an incredible g.a.a. of 1.45 compared to the Habs’ 1.77, the latter good for third best in the league behind Colorado and the hated Bruins, the San Jose Sharks hockey team, Kathleen Cawthorn, Jewel Perlin, Thomas Mulcair, the N.D.P., John Fasciano and his mate Janice Pernell, mayoral candidate the youthful,vibrant and lovely Melanie Joly, and last but not least the man, Jack Todd, who has taken time out if his busy schedule to communicate with yours truly.


The Boston Red Sox who even though they won the World Series will always be losers in my book with their small ballpark and large payroll, Steroid Man David Ortiz, the New England Patriots football team and their quarterback Tom Brady, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Raphael Palmeiro, Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, Dr. Jennifer Payne, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau, Stephen Harper and the Conservative lying machine, Justin Trudeau for being all style and little if any substance and who would probably be teaching school if not for his lineage, Sean Whyte who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn door with a kicked football and who has cost the Alouettes two games this season including last week’s against Hamilton, Tim Thomas and his old team the hated Bruins from Boston hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs along with the useless Blue Jays and the inept Toronto F.C., Denis Cordere, Richard Bergeron, the Shafia murderers, and last but not least, the Parti Quebecois, Pauline Marois and Bernard Drainville, the latter having offered up this tidbit of ‘wisdom’ regarding the yet-to-be tabled Chartre des valeurs by saying that this so called values charter may help prevent honour crimes within the Islamic community including virginity testing, forced marriage, genital mutilation and excessive control of women. His exact words follow: “I wouldn’t make a direct link between the two, but the symbolism of the charter may help us preventing these kinds of crimes. The charter sends a very strong signal that equality between women and men is an important value, a non-negotiable value in Quebec society.” Totally ridiculous. Where is the logic in this remark? What a jerk he is, a total fool, a person out of touch with the culture with which he is dealing.

Peace out.
See you all tomorrow.

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