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Legal Pot Juice … Roll, Eat, Enjoy + A Little Trump-Ski.

It’s fantastic that Canada will become the first G-7 country to legalize pot for recreational enjoyment. This huge move is presently scheduled to take place as of July 1st, 2018.m

As I understand it, even though the de-criminalization of marijuana will occur due to the action of the federal government in Ottawa, it is up to the provinces to get on board but when, remains to be determined by them. In other words, provinces cannot opt out – I don’t think so anyway, however there is that pesky “notwithstanding clause” – they can’t opt out but they can delay implementation.
Quebec, of course, is already beginning to make noises, whining about the difficulties involved with implementation, the rules and regulations attached to implementation, as well about the amount of work which has to be done and the corresponding amount of time needed to deal with all these issues including such mundane phenomena as the price per gram as well the amount of cannabis individuals like you and me will be permitted to possess. Legally, that is. Presently, it looks like it’ll be 30 grams, a little more than one ounce (28g). It’s true. There is a lot of work to do in the next 15 months, so quit yapping and moaning, and get down to work.

As a victim of Scleroderma, a very painful disease, I have been a legal consumer of weed since I was diagnosed in 2008. I actually got my first government license to possess in 2009. The government has gotten out of the marijuana business but I still carry an expired card to show that I was once a licensed user. I continue to be, but all I have to show for it – excepting the aforementioned government I.D. card – is a card issued by “La Clinique Croix Verte” which successfully turned the trick during a traffic stop in Ontario, as well as another card from a B.C. producer, “Tilray”. Nothing that looks official, actually.

I was doing 125 km/hr and I noticed the guy in an unmarked black SUV in a median a bit down the highway but I decided to take my chances. I was returning from Toronto and the OPP police man who came after and stopped me, noticed some pot in a plastic bag which I had made a half-assed and obviously unsuccessful attempt to cover up in the seat next to me. He had come around to the off-side rather than to the driver’s side which is what usually happens, and asked me what it was and I told him. He asked if I had any proof that I was legal, at which time I produced the above-mentioned “Clinique” card as well as another one from “Tilray”, both of which are supposed to only do business with, i.e. sell pot and ingestibles to, people who have a prescription from an M.D. No script. No legal medical use.

When I told him that that was it and that I didn’t carry the government issued license because it had expired in 2012 and that the government had gone out of business as of that date, he suggested that I carry it anyway which I have done since then. He also asked me when the last time I smoked was and how much I had consumed, and I responded with the truth – “about twenty minutes ago at an “En Route”, (a service centre) and about 1/3 of a joint”.

This cop was ok – I would have of course liked him more had he not given me a ticket for speeding – he told me that if it had been a younger cop who stopped me, and if this youngster had wanted to put a notch in his belt or wanted to hassle me because he didn’t like my face, he could have arrested me on suspicion of driving under the influence which would have involved a trip back to the nearest detachment which happened to be in Cornwall (about 90 minutes west of Montreal) for sobriety tests in a police car while a tow job would have had to be engaged to get my car back to Cornwall. I believe in this situation that my car would have been impounded and I would have had to pay to get it back. My license could also have been suspended with all the negative consequences including the time and money involved in getting it back, ensuing. Plus possible criminal charges DUI or DWI – is there a difference? – God, thank goodness that I had a reasonable OPP officer rather than a dumb jerk with nothing better to do than hassle an aging hippie whose face he hadn’t exactly taken a shine to. Plus the fact that a bearded long hair drives a Cadillac ATS might have rubbed him the wrong way.

One more thing re. Legalization for recreational use :

The point man in this whole thing is ex-police chief of Toronto, Bill Blair. Perhaps you remember him as the guy who went after Rob Ford, one-time mayor of The Big Onion, crack-head, etc. RIP. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that putting an ex-cop, any one not only Blair, in charge of legalization doesn’t seem like the best idea, and as it turns out, it’s not.

For example, the new impaired driving bill, which goes hand in hand with the proposed pot legislation creates three new offences and gives police authority to require saliva tests for drivers suspected of being high. Police can administer a test based on signs such as red eyes or the smell of pot. Also people selling to minors (under the age of 18), risk harsh penalties including a maximum 14 years up the river.

Trump has managed, within his first hundred days, to provoke North Korea under that completely unpredictable dingbat Kim Jon Un into threatening merciless retaliation in response to American military action;Baby Rattle to antagonize Russia to the point that the term “Soviet Union” came to mind just now when I was about to type the word “Russia”, harkening back to the Cold War which characterized international relations between the end of World War II, and the collapse of the Soviet Union and the consequent disintegration of its empire in Eastern Europe in 1989, the year the Berlin Wall came down. Chances of nuclear conflagration have already increased exponentially since Trump took office some 92 days ago.
Good work, Donny. 55033340-DB5B-4777-BD49-CAD287DA111C-551-00000050107DFE81_tmp

He’s also called Canada’s supposed treatment of American farmers under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) “disgraceful”. Nice talk from a semi-conscious ornagutan. A jerk that’s easy to hate. 9FA4786D-DD09-4EAA-BDD1-6679EBF0E953-226-0000000E0587D54DThere is only so long that that complete idiot can get away with lying, insulting people with whom he disagrees, pulling no punches in dealings with foreign dangers like North Korea, preaching protectionism which will not make America great again and just carrying on like the ignorant boor that he is. Something’s gonna happen and when it does, there’ll be a big change in the Excited States.


Peace out.


  • Peter Marmorek says:

    Minor correction: “the amount of cannabis individuals like you and me will be permitted to possess…3 0 grams, a little more than one ounce (28g)”

    That’s the amount we can have in public. No limits on what’s at home.

  • Joan Hoyte says:

    So Canada is going to pot soon too. Only time will tell. Only the sane with intact brains will be able to ; operate on me, cook for and clean for me,run the government for me without going to war, build society for me, run government for me. What am I to do? The logical answer would be to NOT smoke pot so I can do these jobs for myself.. At least I’ll have a brain to do it with.

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