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JuicyLesson 311: Loathing … One John (Stewart) Mocks Another … ISIS Trains Kids … Pics of NYC …

We start today’s JuicyLesson – the final Friday Juicy in a series stretching back to Sept. 9th, 2013, and encompassing a grand total, to this point, of 311 JuicyLessons and which series, by the way, is set to end next Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2014 at JL 315 – anyway as I was saying, we’re starting our 311th JUICY LESSON off with a 5:45 (about) clip from John Stewart’s Daily Show (How many of us didn’t think that “daily” in this case was an actual person, last name “Daily”?).

Stewart mocks the length of the cease-fire, (… even though it will last only for about as long as a decent dose of Sudafed … ), the person who helped broker the cease-fire, Secretary of State, John Kerry, (Isn’t there someone else around with any authority? Anyone?) as well as the United Nations, and the length of time – 10 minutes – it took, after the conclusion of the cease-fire for Hamas-launched rockets to reign down on Israel, (Come on people. Tick rock. The hatred and bloodshed which has ruled this region for centuries isn’t just going to bomb itself.)

A comedic look at a tragic situation.

Grooming children for Jihad

Tomorrow: Pics of NYC.

Have a nice week-end.



  • Matthew Friedman says:

    We watch in horror and disbelief . Can this really be happening in the. 21 st century? After. 1300 years they are still at it and their indoctrination of children will insure that the it continues.!! Madness…

  • Peter Ballem says:

    much to ponder. First time I have been exposed to the horror of the indoctrination of innocent youth. Goodbye to the I didn’t know anything about it defence.

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