JuicyLesson 310 : Smallest Linebacker Ever … A Dana Tribute to a Great Teacher, None Other Than Me …

Above: Jeannie Moos’s clip on the smallest linebacker ever, at a 14 measly inches tall. For those of us not savvy when it comes to the British system of measurement, 14 measly inches comes out to be 1 foot and 2 inches, or approximately 35 cm. A pretty high vertical jump is required when you want to “high five” someone and you’re only 14″ tall.

A tribute to Jerry from Dana:
There are some people you meet in life that are unforgettable. Jerry Cohen is one of them. I had him for Geography in Grade 9 and again as for economics in Grade 11. I feel lucky to have had him as a teacher!

He was the super cool teacher who came to school on his motorcycle wearing a leather jacket. At Bialik High School his character really stood out and served as an example to those of us who were more comfortable in the margins of society. When he spoke to us he made us lowly teenagers feel like we were actually people. We respected him because he respected us. You felt cool when Jerry gave you attention.

I would always be excited for his class. He kept things interesting and alive when he taught. His classes were hard. But he had a way of explaining things so they made sense and he made us laugh constantly!

He was cool, dynamic, brilliant and hysterically funny! I think I remember him making jokes and of course we could always count on getting a kiss on the cheek from Jerry each time he strolled down the hall and saw us girls standing at our lockers.

One day he had a contest to see who could come up with the best name for his new plant. I won the contest! I named the plant “Whim” and I painted the pot psychedelic colours. I believe it sat proudly on his desk for a couple of years after that. My prize for winning the contest was a chance to ride on the back of his motorcycle and go eat poutine at Lafleurs in Ville-St-Pierre. Jerry made me feel very special and at that time in my life that was what I really needed.

Thank you Jerry for being you!

Jerry says right back at you Ms. Schnitzer.

A remarkable young woman.

My book, which I hope to have on book store shelves within the next ten or so months, is chock full of testimonials similar to this one. It seemed like a good take-off point for my memoirs, tentatively entitled “Aim with your heart; shoot with your mind”. However, since I did not want to duplicate what is in the book and what is in the JuicyLessons, I have decided to keep the testimonials quiet for now.

This is a special tribute from an extra-ordinary old student and young lady, so special that I have decided to include it in today’s JuicyLesson.

Peace. Out.

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