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JuicyLesson 307 : A Clip Describing a Harley … The Trike That Belongs to me … Music From Bob Seger “Roll Me Away” …

Looking back … March 19/2016
I want to correct some mistakes I make in the video. First, the shifter, on the bottom left, is correct as described. What was giving me trouble at the time of the video, was what the back of the shifter was for. This is simply another way to shift. Sometimes you use your toe, other times your heal.

Secondly as for the brake lever on the right: this operates the front brake; the brake pedal shown operates the back brake. The system I was trying to describe in the clip is called an Integrated Braking System, whereby the foot pedal operates both brakes thus making the aforementioned brake lever redundant. *END*

Featured today is a Harley-Davidson, not my trike, shown and discussed below, another Harley, a two-wheeler this time, that we just sort of came across in the parking lot of a Danonoque motel that we spent the week-end at about seven weeks ago. Some confusion over the functioning of the brake lever on the right side handlebar of this moto, where the accelerator is.

Ignore what I say in the clip when I describe the above-mentioned brake lever. This lever operates the front brake while the brake pedal shown and described in the clip operates the back brake.

In the trike discussed and shown here mine in other words, imagethe brake pedal has been modified so that it controls both the front and the back break.

For further information, please see JUICY-LESSON 304. In that JL on the subject of the front and back brake, I state that the front brake lever has been left on the bike for two reasons: to allow someone who borrows my trike to not have to deal with a braking system which is different from what he is used to even though using the pedal by itself is simple, and to sell my bike more easily if that’s what I decide to do at some point.

Someone borrowing my bike although I can’t imagine my lending it to anyone except possibly non grand et meilleur ami Gaston as well as it’s next owner will have enough with which to deal what with modifications made to the clutch, the foot clutch and the shifter, the latter actually in a totally different position (See also JuicyLesson 304, Part 2) without also having to concern himself with a different braking system.

In that vein, I get to keep the old parts so that if I do decide to sell in order to upgrade to a new model – my trike is a 2011 with around 25,000 km on it, still pretty new, actually – the trike can be changed back to its old self, with braking and clutch systems normal for that year.

Now more on my trike. I am now the owner of a Harley-Davidson 1690 cc. Tri-Glyde three-wheeler. I took possession on Friday last, a mere three days ago and have driven it around around the Pierre Le Gardeur-Charlemagne area but have not yet got it down to Montreal (a) because the clutch/shifter system still needs a little work and (b) because I am not yet ready to hit the highway with it just yet.

I have been keeping it relatively quiet because I had not yet informed my gf that I have purchased a bike and I wanted her to find that out from me.

Well, I told her about my purchase and she freaked, but only mildly as it turned out. The very next day, everything seems to be cool as far as Lee is concerned. She has told me in no uncertain terms that she is not happy about the fact that I now own my sixth motorcycle – but that she realizes that there’s nothing she can do about it.

I have agreed not to talk about the bike for the next while but overall I feel a lot better now that the cat is out of the bag. No more need to go sneaking around behind Lee’s back. The fact that she knows is a good thing. A very good thing as a matter of fact.

Bob Seger “Roll Me Away” without lyrics

With lyrics :

To my sisters and brothers, peace.

To Jase B., I apologize for deceiving you but you were jumping to conclusions (even though your concluding that I had purchased the trike was right) because I had never actually come out and said that I had purchased a bike. I am sure you understand. Thanks. A lot.


  • Jase B. says:

    Anyone reading these juicies can figure it all
    Out. If Lee reads and even authored one, she must have known you were up to something 🙂

    Do you have six bikes or are you on your sixth. ?
    Ride her in good health of course. Enjoy your labour day.

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