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JuicyLesson 306 : The Whole World is Going Insane … Real Fear and Loathing … Music by the Stones …

Featured today is the appropriate “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones (Strolling Bones). Rock on Mick.

My friend and a one-time student, David Mamane, posted on FB that in his opinion, the whole world has gone insane. Today’s JuicyLesson is my response.

Yup. Very true, Dave. ISIS, Ferguson, the LAPD, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Middle East, Putin, Sudan, Ebola, Terror, David Cameron, Stephen Harper, John Boehner, Rockets. Get ready for the flood, man. Fortunately I’ll be dead and buried. Our children and theirs are in danger and there’s not thing one we can do about it except try to change minds. In certain cases, take ISIS for example, that would seem to be a tall order.

This is because for as long as poverty and ensuing desperation dominates the globe especially in the Third World but evidenced as well in this so-called First capitalist World, there’ll be serious trouble brewing and that’s that, my friends.

Capitalism has bred an unequal distribution of wealth — as long as this persists, you will create desperate people and people with little hope, perfect candidates for co-option/indoctrination by a whole manner of groups, groups who think nothing of committing disgraceful acts characteristic of draconian Middle Age thinking.

Brutality and violence of all kinds, mass murder, beheadings, rapes, stonings, suicide bombings and other assorted acts of terror too numerous to list here – you name it, these men mostly, but increasingly women and children though the latter for a different reason, devoid of hope, desperate to carve out some sense of identity from the poverty and resulting stress, loss, chaos and tragedy which otherwise is their life, turn to radical extremism, mostly in the form of fundamentalism whether these fundamentalists be Hindu, Moslem, Catholic, Jew, or Protestant … Is there such a thing as a fundamentalist Buddhist?? (calling JASE B. Calling JASE B. Come in please, Jase B.) – radical Islamic fundamentalism is founded in the history of Mohammed and the spread of Islam throughout much of the known world by the 16th century.

Mohammed was born in Mecca in the sixth century. At a certain age, he had a religious experience out there somewhere in the vast sandy wilderness encapsulating the Mecca of the early Middle Ages, following which he returned to the city, speaking in tongues as if god was speaking through him.

He began riling the establishment in Mecca, especially by preaching monotheism, new to most peoples but not to us Jews though, no Siree. He preached the doctrine of “Islam”, “surrender” to god.

Tiny Tangent: We Jews were the first monotheists and we have never hesitated to trumpet that fact which naturally annoys other peoples, those adherents to religions other than Judaism, and understandably so let me say. Maybe we should just shut up about our superiority for once. Just groove on it. We’re the best because we’re the first. We’re the first because we’re the best. Yeah us!

It’ll all come out in the wash as they say.
It will all come out in the wash anyway.

Back to thread: Anyway so Mohammed returns to Mecca, attracts followers, starts trouble and gets kicked out.

So he and his followers take off and end up at Medina, about 50 km down the road from Mecca where they organize and pray and pray and pray, five times a day, and finally sweep down on Mecca, killing all those refusing to convert to Islam which rests on these ensuing Five Pillars:
Pray five times daily, always kneeling, facing Mecca.
Give charity.
Fast every Ramadan from sunrise to sunset.
Make at least one pilgrimage during your lifetime to Mecca. (Pray at the Kabbala).
Recognize that Allah is the one true god and that Mohammed is his prophet.

For Mohammed it was simple: Jews and Christians were given the “opportunity” to convert to Islam or die. Beheading was a common method of execution in those days. Infidels, pagans and the like were just simply executed. No chance to accept Mohammed’s teachings. No nothing. Just bye bye head.

Why were Jews and Christians given a chance to live which was denied to others? That’s because both Jews and Christians shared the belief in one god, monotheism, with Islam. Moslems believe that both Moses and Jesus were, like Mohammed, prophets of god, the only thing being that Moses and Jesus came first, historically, that is, and, but not alphabetically as it turns out, and because of their historical primacy, their followers deserve props. Others, not so much.

I have brought all this up to explain – but never to justify – the so-called “thinking” which motivates ISIS in particular to commit its acts of horror, from beheading an American journalist, decapitating little kids, to murdering 200 Syrian soldiers in cold blood. It is written in history. The end.

An Australian rapper turned ISIS extremist sums it up this way following a rant slamming what he calls western filth and ignorance (See JuicyLesson 304 for video) while glorifying his interpretation of the Koran, Islam, its prophets and its leaders — saying words to the effect that in (Paradise) there’s all the cold ones anyone could want … golden nectar … (Rubbing his hands together) … “Can’t wait.”

Hopeless? Yes.

Desperate? No kidding.

Brainwashed. Or something.

Peace? Hopefully.

I wish you enjoyment on this long Labour Day weekend.


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