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JuicyLesson 304: Fear and Loathing as Australian Rapper Gets Crazy, Converts to Islam, Talks to We, the Infidel … A Modified Harley Trike with Photos …

Above: Featured image is of an unmodified Harley Trike, 1690 cc., left side, showing shifter peg and piston (appears as a horizontal thin rod here, and is located a few inches north of the shifter pegs themselves). Note that there is a front and back to the shifter in this normal bike, the front peg to be operated by toe, the back one by heel, no Kirk and Paolo not by A heel, but by the heel. Nuff said.

Interesting how this and other “westerners” have not only converted to Islam but have also taken up the cause. This situation is both threatening and incomprehensible unless the convert is desperate, feels hopeless, is impoverished or what! This is not something that ordinary, everyday mortal “normals” would entertain as a potential life choice. As I have already said, it is not only incomprehensible but also dangerous that in the sense there may be enemy militants in our midst without us even realizing that they are there and that they are capable of extreme and disgusting acts of violence. Listen to this guy; he has been trained to kill.

Now for the second part of today’s JuicyLesson, something which I found much more enjoyable producing than the first part.

I took a trip to Visions Harley Davidson in Charlemagne and discovered work being done on a trike. Modifications are described below.

Photo #1
Notice the lever which operates the front brake (the key ring is attached to the lever being discussed) – since someone with messed up hands cannot very well – if at all – operate that lever, it’s operation has been converted to the foot pedal in the following photo. [Photo #2]. That break pedal operates both brakes – front and back. The brake lever has been left on as shown here so that when and if bike is sold, it will be there for the trike’s next owner who will be more comfortable using that lever if he has ridden before. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter unless the owner of the modified trike wants to lend the bike to a friend which I really doubt. If that was my trike, not even Gaston mon vrai et plus grand ami, would ride it under normal circumstances. I don’t think so anyway.

Note also the little pad at the end of the accelerator in the middle-right section of the photo. This is to assist the rider who does not have normal use of his hands in holding the accelerator open. Cruise control, another feature of this trike, will assist on highways.

Photo #2
Brake pedal (right side). See above. This pedal also exists on non-modified 2012’s, but in that case, the pedal is for the back brake only while the above-mentioned lever operates the brake in front. The pedal in this photo operates both breaks. This feature enables the physically challenged biker to use his right foot rather than his disabled hand to operate both brakes, front and back, simultaneously. Nice feature. The front brake lever still works and can be used in tandem with the brake pedal.

Photo #3
imagePhoto #4
This photo shows the lower left side of the bike. The shifter foot peg has obviously been removed to make room for the foot clutch. Shifting is now done with the two buttons described above. The foot clutch has not yet been installed, but when it is, it will be positioned right here, (left here?). This foot clutch will be placed where the shifter peg used to be and is used in tandem with the above-mentioned shifter buttons.

That’s it.

Peace Out.


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