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JuicyLesson 275: Fear and Loathing … More Indoctrination in the Middle East; Is This Common or Not? … Obama Calls Harper a Lump … More Pics From NYC, This Time “The Freedom Tower” …

Pour commencer la: We have three pictures which, along with the caption intended to accompany them, pretty much speak for themselves:

Below: Three views of The Freedom Tower, the monolithic replacement for the World Trade Centre, pretty much obliterated that infamous day. A pretty impressive edifice rising up to the sky, or so it seems from down below.




Obama calls Harper a “large lump
WASHINGTON – Diplomatic tensions rose today after a Fox News camera caught President Barack Obama talking to one of his press aides and making some very undiplomatic comments about Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper after the two met briefly at a Washington international benefit event.


As Obama and Media Relations Director Clive Leonard walked away from reporters, the Fox newsfeed clearly picked up the conversation.

LEONARD: “The Prime Minister is requesting a 15-minute meeting Mr. President.”
OBAMA: “What’s with that guy?”
LEONARD: “Sir?” (coughs)
OBAMA: “He’s shifty…he’s never standing where his voice seems to be coming from.”
LEONARD: “Ummm…”
OBAMA: “And he’s a large lump isn’t he? All pudge and hair.”

The comments were aired after a one-second tape delay before Fox News began repeating them in their entirety with added commentary. White House officials immediately asked Fox to stop airing the embarrassing comments but the network’s leading political commentator Bill O’Reilly responded to the request live on air with “Yeah right!”


Other news outlets quickly began running the footage with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (not his real name) stating that the President’s harsh words were “school-yard” and could damage relations between the two countries at a time when cross-border issues such as the Keystone Pipeline are already causing friction. However, Wolf could be seen snickering when Obama was shown saying Harper is all pudge and hair.

“The President chose not to talk about the state of the American economy today. Instead, the President chose to talk about the considerable belly and hokey hair of our close Canadian friend,” said John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House. “True Americans do not call our friends lumps.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper officials were unavailable for comment.

The White House issued a statement indicating that they do not comment on “eaves-dropped and out of context” conversations but one senior Democrat called the President’s comments “tame compared to when President H. Double Ya Bush was taped saying German Chancellor Angela Merkel had big knockwursts.”
Vic Issitude
Reporting for The Lapine


Re. Our featured video (Look up. Way up.)
Now to move from the ridiculous to the ignorant … Kindergarten kids indoctrinated on graduation day. I personally had lots of trouble with this clip, not to mention the fact that my viewing of it inevitably, as it turned out, gave rise to certain questions, questions which require answers.

1) Who or what is Palestine Media Watch (PMW), the site from which all of this type of video plus other propaganda on the affairs of the Mid-East is drawn?


2) Is the type of propaganda portrayed in today’s [Friday’s] featured clip common among Palestinians in the sense that this type of doctrinaire refuse happens everywhere all the time, or is what transpires in this video among the very young not a realistic portrayal of the everyday goings on in most if not all Palestinian schools, much like in America, where kids pledge allegiance to the flag everyday before getting on with their work – in the sense of the regularity as opposed to the type of occurrence, that is. Just to be clear. The last sentence is Locke-ian in length, by the way, if you’re interested, but at least I can make out its meaning.

3) Does the type of indoctrination portrayed in our featured video occur anywhere else either in the Islamic or non-Islamic worlds?


4) How can any culture arrive at a point where life on earth is cheapened to the extent that some people become willing to strap on suicide vests and “go out into the world”?

Question #1 — Response:
Palestinian Media Watch (PMW; Hebrew: מבט לתקשורת פלסטינית‎) is an Israel-based nongovernmental organization and media watchdog group. Founded in 1996 by Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch documents cases of incitement in Palestinian media. It describes itself as “an Israeli research institute that studies Palestinian society from a broad range of perspectives by monitoring and analyzing the Palestinian Authority through its media and schoolbooks.”


The other questions, however, although crying out for some kind of response, unfortunately are not as easily answerable.


May have something for you tomorrow [Saturday] even though it is my day off.

Peace out.


  • Don't do it says:

    You got duped! That story about Obama and Harper isn’t true! The lapine is the canadian version of the onion. Check ur sources man.

    • Jerry Cohen says:

      I was just writing about that when I realized that you were making the same remark. I just started thinking about it and there were just too many things that didn’t fit for the thing to be true. Thanks for your input and I will make a greater effort to check my sources in future.

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