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JuicyLesson 263: Ars Gratia Artis … Art for Art’s Sake … Money for God Sakes … The Sixties: Television Comes Of Age, Excellent Video …

The Sixties: The Coming of Age of Television.

Trying something different to end this week, a video of the CBS Evening News with some written and verbal commentary as well, from Thursday evening, yesterday, 10th July 2014.

Change of plans due to technical issues I am experiencing in trying to download videos from both Capture and YouTube to my JuicyLessons. I keep getting this small window which I’ve never seen before. Fortunately, while I was starting to freak wondering how the fuck I was going to be able to download videos, the aforementioned little window just disappeared.

If you get the same window coming up when you press PLAY on today’s (and possibly future) clips, ignore it. It’ll probably disappear on its own.

If it doesn’t just go away then try the following which worked for me:

1) Select one of the options which show up in the window and click on it. (I selected the first one which prompts me to GET VIDEO URL.** Other options include REPORT PLAYBACK ISSUES or something equivalent … Let me check and I’ll get back to you on that in a few minutes.)

** Here is the complete list of prompt options available to the user:

— Get video URL

— Get video URL at current time

— Get embed code

— Report Playback issue

— Get debug info

— Stats for nerds

— About the HTML 5 player

2) An even smaller window will then appear with a CLOSE function in it. Click on CLOSE and that annoying little window which was causing me to panic, will disappear. Hopefully.

3) If that doesn’t solve the problem, you’re best to simply cut/copy URL into your address box and go from there until I get this bug sorted out.

I have a Juicie to produce and today at least, nothing’s gonna stop me now. Go. GO. GO!

Jase B., Darren, Kathleen, Mike and Neil – The Two Bros. – the five Jeremies, Aron Black, web designer par excellence, Jon L., Wood Man Burns, anyone out there with computer knowledge, please feed back re. this issue, which I myself am not sure I have completely figured out.

To begin with, let me say that people of my generation, the Baby Boomers, will find this 40-plus minute clip really resonates due to the fact that we and TV both came of age at the same time, the Sixties.

So let’s watch.

Just a wee reminder …image





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