JuicyLesson 252: A Few Quickies For Sunday …The World Cup in Brazil: The Round of 16 …

Music is from George Harrison et al, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

Saturday it’s the opening game of the Round of 16 when Brazil hosts Chile. The second and only other game today pits the Columbians against the already-home in Montevideo Saurez-less Urguayans. Saurez, who has been suspended from international futbol action for an extended period for biting his Italian opponent,


will not be suiting up for a while and this action really hurts Uruguay’s chances of advancing against the Columbians who, after winning all three of their preliminary games in a group of questionable strength, looks to be having a chance, unlike Uruguay, of going quite deeply into the play-downs leading to the finale in the second week of July when the World Cup winner for 2014 will be crowned and the world begins the seemingly then interminable wait and longing until the next World Cup in four years time.

Action from Thursday:


Saturday’s first game has the host nation, Brazil, facing off against Chile. The Brazilians have to be favoured regardless of their lacklustre performance in the preliminary rounds. If there is an upset in the making this week-end, it could surely be in this game, with the Chileans coming out victorious.

Today, Sunday, sees an additional two games: at noon EST, the Dutch take on Mexico with the later game, starting at 4:00 pm EST sees the surprising Costa Ricans taking on Greece.

My picks for Saturday: Columbia beats Uruguay and I am picking Chile to upset Brazil. (I was wrong on this one as Brazil beat Chile 2-1 on penalty kicks. Was Brazil full value for its victory? Not. Really.)

On Sunday, it’ll be Holland over Mexico while in my opinion, Greece will defeat Costa Rica, ensuring, thereby, that two European teams – Greece and Holland will live to fight another day, along with France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

Now for some pics from Portugal vs. Ghana and from the Algerians vs. Russia, from last week, Thursday, June 26th to be precise:

Russian fan after my own heart and some Algerians celebrating their team’s advance to the Round of 16 for the first time in World Cup history:



Ronaldo’s first World Cup goal:

Russia scores first, only to have Algeria come back later.


Something very strange occurred with Friday’s JuicyLesson (251) which just got lost. I think that something new I tried while posting my music choice (George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Jeff Lynne, and Ray Cooper doing a beautifully-presented and brilliantly-performed “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”). It’s too difficult to explain but one thing for sure – I’ll never be trying that again.

Anyway, there were a couple of quickies in Friday’s Juice (the Lost Juice) which bear repeating for those of you interested and who didn’t manage to see them before the post disappeared.

Number 1:
A horse walks into a bar and is greeted with the following salutation from the bartender: “Hey there, horsey-boy. Why the long face?”

Number 2:
A termite walks into a bar with the following question: “Where is the bar-tender?

And finally:
Bubba Watson, professional golfer goes out to play a round of golf with his father-in-law, an avid but average golfer, something like a 20 handicap.
On the second hole, following a huge drive, Watson, the pro, reaches down, grabs a small clump of grass and tossing it in the air to measure wind direction and speed, says to his caddy, “please let me have a six-iron.”

Seeing this, his father-in-law repeats Bubba’s action with the grass, throwing it up in the air. Seconds later, the following plea issues from the father-in-law’s pie hole: “Caddy, bring me my sweater. It sure is windy out here.”

And one more golf joke for the road …
This one concerns a Rabbi, who decides to go out on a high Jewish holiday to play a round of golf.
He’s having the game of his life, all birdies and pars, with the odd bogie and one double thrown in. At this point one of the angels, approaches The Lord and asks this obvious question: “how can You allow this to happen. On a day this Rabbi should be in a shull, praying, he goes out to play golf and you let him play so well. What’s up with that, God?
The Lord’s response – “Relax. Don’t worry. Who’s he gonna tell?”

Last, today, but far from least, a big thank-you to my fellow Scleroderma-afflicted friends at the SSG (Scleroderma Support Group) for your card expressing your condolences on Lee’s mother, Betty’s passing three weeks ago, or thereabouts. Betty, you are missed. The card was really a nice touch from a good bunch of people.

I still remember my first meeting, back in late 2008, following my diagnosis where I met, for the first time, Allison, Pierina, Claire, Ann, Janet, and Jane Adamson (RIP). That was some party that Christmas at your place, Jane, and, as Allison remarked at the time, you sure were showing a lot of skin that day. You are missed and while I’m at it, a shout-out to Robert, Jane’s boyfriend, wherever you are now.

I always remember and keep in my mind the help that I have received through my association with the members of the SSG, who have always and constantly demonstrated kindness, concern and empathy for the health-related situation we find ourselves in.

The card:


You must have read about Betty’s passing, in her 96th year, in one or more of my Juicy Lessons. THANK YOU.


Tomorrow: Growing Pains: legal pot in Washington State (Part I)

See you Monday.

Peace and love coming your way.

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