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JuicyLesson 248: A Wee Bit O’ Soccer for the Uninitiated … NYC Pics, Thanks to Matthew Mattray, a True New Yorker, For These Fine Shots …

Looking like Times Square … seedy in parts, exciting in others; unless of course seediness excites you.





Buddhist Monks on the subway



Oops, how the heck did that get in there?

Excuse me, cop …

P.S. Why, tell me why, the schedule-makers in Brazil would be putting two matches today – Costa Rica vs. England and Italy vs. Uruguay – at the same time, noon? Enough said … For now? Plenty more on the strange scheduling perhaps tomorrow. And while we’re at it, soccer goalies dress in colours different from the rest of their team so that they – the goalies, that is – may be differentiated from the rest of the players, who, for instance, aren’t allowed the use of either their hands or their arms on the ball, while the goalie is permitted to catch corner-kicks and crosses, for example. When everyone goes up for a cross or a corner, to defend or to head it, or, as in the case of the goalie – to repel or catch it – one must be able to tell immediately whether or not it was the goalie who punched the ball away, legally, and the way to differentiate here would be to observe the colours the “puncher” was sporting.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Peace. Out.

Enjoy the fete.


  • Darren says:

    Nice pictures. Wish i was around to see the ‘glory days’ of Montreal (1967&1976). I have seen Buddhist Monks on Cote-des-Neiges blvd. When i see them i always think of the late David Carradine from ‘Kung-Fu The legend continues’.I loved that show

    • Jerry Cohen says:

      I spent some of the glory days of 1967 washing pots and pans at the Suisse Fondue Restaurant on La Ronde. Imagine that and for 1,60$, minimum wage in those days, or thereabouts anyway. “Achtung. Attention. Attentione.” I will never forget. Those cheesy pots were disgusting. Quit after a couple of weeks.

      As for 1976, was visiting England and remember sort of following those Games while trying to conduct some of my own with friendly British Margaret, and succeeding, I might add; yeah, as I was saying, followed the ’76 Games via the BBC, with a beneficial time difference for me in England. Anyway I watched Greg Joy’s Silver, boy, have we Canadians come a long way.

      As for Maraget, we had a trip to Scotland together, fun times, that summer as well as her arriving over here the next autumn, I believe it was, and if not, it was the followibg autumn, 1977, for an extended stay. I sometimes think if her affectionately, lovingly you could say, and hope that she’s still alive* and that she’s satisfied with her breaks in life.

      *That is not meant to be a cynical remark in any way. In the last two years, I have learnt that four friends have passed away – Dave and Jimmy from Ottawa and Jos and Geoff from Lewes, England, all from lung cancer, all from smoking. But smoking what? As far as I know, Jos used to use cheaper roll-up, tobacco but largely, only in joints, sometimes the odd straight (cigarette) but rarely. Does weed have a role to play here? Or not? Maybe, and more likely, it was the harsh tobacco with which she used to mix her pot in producing her joints. Age around 60 when she passed. May all their souls rest in eternal peace.

      All this with gratitude to Darren Rosen for getting the ball rolling today, as it were .

  • Jerry Cohen says:

    Thanks for you comment, Darren. I just typed an extensive reply but alas have lost it. I don’t have the energy to re-produce it right now but maybe I will later on. Please stay tuned and I rally can’t thank you enough for your obvious interest in my Juicies. How about lunch on me? Private message me if you’re interested or drop me a line. Repeat after me (with meaning): “I cannot allow our JuicyLessons to become in any way like Facebook.” And once again – “I cannot allow our JuicyLessons to resemble, in any way shape or form, that saccharinely-sweet, social medium, Fartbook.”

    Obviously I found it. See below.

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