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JuicyLesson 228: Road Rap … NYC, MSG, PIGS …

Looking back over JL 227 from Friday last, I realize that I did not live up to my commitment to complete the lesson with some clips and philosophy (Jerry-style) from the road. I said there would be something from the City, from MSG Thursday night, as well as the aforementioned road stuff.

But first, some uplifting photos from Centre Bell as Canadiens’ fans packed the place again to watch Nos Glorieux bow out to the Rangers last Thursday.


Now, though, without further ado, allow me to present for your viewing and mind-expanding enjoyment the following photos and video clips. Most of latter, the clips that is, are under 1:00 in length with one or two three-minute-ers.

All French-braided with somewhere to go … 20 blocks back to the hotel, rest up, and then off to the game. Got my hair done at this great salon that refused to accept a Canadian twenty or even a cash-back transaction for a tip.

Any. Way. Got my hair put in a braid (a) because I like it and (b) to ensure that a similar fate to that of last Sunday when I got ejected from MSG during the first intermission, does not befall me again, and as I have already said in a previous Lesson – NY Ranger fans still have not gotten used to long hair, to the point where it causes issues.

“You fucking freak. Get the fuck outta here you fucking freak.” This invective, word-for-word, came down on me from below last Sunday and from a jerk with a fat-head wife (fat people are harder to kidnap but she isn’t fat though her body does show the inclination to go to seed, eventually, maybe they should take some of the fat from her head and graft it onto her hips, thighs and ass, but for now let’s just say that only her fucking head is fat) and two teen-aged sons, they of the buttoned lips.

When I mentioned that maybe he should curb his language in front of his own children, who said not a peep throughout the whole “incident” which terminated with my unceremonious removal from the premises – as I was saying when I suggested he watch his language in front of the children, I was greeted with more, not less, of the same.

Contrast that complete hateful bullshit with Arlo Guthrie’s adulatory statement “MARIJUANA – lotta freaks” followed by that cute little giggle of his, from Woodstock. See JL 183.

I always forget how much smoking of funny things goes on in the following video which contains the aforementioned explanation as well as a few other gems from Arlo – both musical and otherwise. Have a look see.

New York City

MSG – just before the opening face-off, I describe how a guy sort of intentionally unintentionally knocked my CH hat off my head, accidentally on purpose.

I turned around and asked him to please pick my CH hat off the floor but before the offending party could react and the way I read it he was about to bend down, but like I was saying, before he could actually do anything, this very good-natured Rangers’ fan with whom I had been conversing a few minutes before, rushed up, picked my cap off the floor and extended it to me with a nice smile, a slight bow of his head and with shiny eyes. A beautiful gesture and not as far out as the closing of the NY State Thruway in 1969 but far fucking out nonetheless. The expression on the NY fan’s face as he handed my cap back to me was truly priceless.

Going over the George Washington Bridge, leaving The Big Radish (#5)

On the road rap [#6]
About the Habs with a smattering of Geography re. Physiography and Natural Regions.

That’s it for today’s Juice except to say that the Impact defeated the first-place New England Revolution 2-0 at Saputo Stadium on Saturday evening which gave me a slight uplift from the doldrums that I have been in since the Habs loss on Thursday. Boo-hoo-hoo. Seriously. Folks.

As for the CFL, still no word. Here’s hoping. We could use an Alouette season to help take our minds off the Canadiens’ ouster from the hockey play-offs.

Peace. Outta here.

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