Love to Learn, Learn to Love.

JuicyLesson 226: Why I Got Thrown Out … Fear and Loathing Back in the Big Radish … Took Another Ride Down to See the Habs Hopefully Force Game 7 …

It’s around ten o’clock Wednesday evening and am writing from the same hotel as I wrote from last w/end and I’m back in NYC for the same reason.

Queue Stompin Tom’s “Good Ol Hockey Game”:

And now for a video trip about my trip while on the road to NYC, with some revealing remarks re. getting ejected from Sunday’s game and why there won’t be a repeat performance tonight (Thursday).

You would have thought that Amerikans would have gotten used to long hair by now. But they haven’t. DAMMIT!

Shout-out to an old student and new friend, Michael Hazan. Thanks, Mike. Glad to hear that you’re still un amateur des Canadiens. Go Montreal. Vas y! Ca sent la coupe!



  • Jason Bowen says:

    from Wikipedia:


    333.49 mi (536.70 km)

    August 14, 1957 – present

    I believe the part from Albany to the Canadian border was completed just before expo 67.

    • Jerry Cohen says:

      Only 50 or so years off … What was I thinking … There is another road, Rte. 9, which runs N to S and S to North – brings back memories of Orientation, Scale and Distance lessons at the start of sec 3 geo – but further East than the I-87 and which, as I understand it, is a lot older.

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