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JuicyLesson 219: At the Bell Centre Monday, May 19th, Watching the Habs Losing 2-1, Check that: it’s now 3-1 in Favour of the NYR …

image Have a good look at this shot of Dustin Tokarski as the Canadiens rookie goalie leads teammates Weaver, Desharnais and Bournival onto the ice at the Centre Bell Monday.

This was the first game in the wake of Price’s season-ending knee injury inflicted on him during the second period of Saturday’s game vs. The New York Rangers, and there’s no other word for it than that one, “inflicted”, and it’s the expression on Desharnais’ face in this photo which I find both interesting and amusing; I would have done well in one of those contests where you are supposed to add dialogue to the empty bubble beside Desharnais’ head in this particular instance – something like “I’ve seen this guy, I’ve seen Price. He’s good but Price is great and we’d better play great in front of him today or else.” … like I said, something like that. Got anything better?

Tokarski wasn’t the reason we lost Monday; King Henrik, on the other hand, the Ranger goalie, was the reason the Rangers won Game 2 and took a strangle-hold on the series as the teams head for New York for Games 3 and 4, Thursday and Sunday.

I always find the next clip nice to see; it shows the final few seconds of Habs vs. Bruins Game 6 won by Montreal 4-0 and arguably represents Montreal’s best single game playoff effort in at least 15 years … It was their finest hour …

Enjoy your day as much as you can, given what’s going on the ice – in the series vs. New York, that is, not what transpires sur la glace in the above clip.

Something to look forward to … tomorrow, we have a video summary along with commentary from Don Cherry and Claude Julien of the seventh game vs. Boston, from the TD Garden last week. As I have already stated, I believe that this was the Canadiens finest playoff hour in recent memory, in at least the last 15 years, and, for the record let me add that seventh game victory represents perhaps their best playoff work since their – i.e. the Habs’ – last Stanley Cup win, way back more than twenty years ago in 1993.

That’s to be part of tomorrow’s JuicyLesson. Then, provided that the Canadiens win in Ranger city on Thursday meaning that the present series will be stretched to at least five games with the fifth one back home at Bell next week, it’s off to New York City for me for the fourth game on Sunday, provided tickets can be had but in my experience, there are always tickets available if you’re willing and able to pay a premium for them.

[Remember that there are two components to the idea of “demand”, all my old economics students out there – and what might these two elements be I can just hear you asking: “desire to possess (purchase)” is one and “the ability to pay” is the other. We may want expensive goods thus fulfilling the “want/desire” component of demand; the question though then moves on to whether or not things can be afforded, the “ability to pay” component in other words.]

I do not yet know if I am going to New York or if I am, when exactly it is that I’ll be going or that how this trip will affect my upcoming JuicyLessons which is why all of this is coming up right now.

But it’ll only be relevant if the Habs can somehow get back into the series with a win Thursday at MSG-eee which is where you’ll see ME if the Habs win Game THREE.


At MSG-eee
Which is where you’ll see MEEE,
If the Habs win Game THREE
All that remains is to wait and SEEE.

(Not bad for a little ditteee.)

Peace out. Poem put me in a better mood.



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