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Donald Sterling has just said the he will refuse to pay the $2,5 million fine imposed on the owner of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) LA Clippers for racist comments he made about three weeks ago. According to CNN, Sterling won’t pay and he won’t go.

Not only has he refused to pay the fine, he is still the owner of the KKKlippers and has also engaged a prominent attorney to protect his interests. This freaking, whining, racist, white bread mother-fucker ain’t gonna crawl off into the sunset which would be the best thing he could do. But he has decided to fight.

Automobile geant General Motors has been fined $35 million, for not recalling vehicles with faulty ignition switches earlier than it did, negligence which has resulted in thirteen deaths where one is too many in my book as well as in at least forty people injured.

The fine is a freaking joke for GM, a corporation which has just announced revenues of more than $500 million for the first quarter of this year!!!. UN-fucking-Believable. As I said, a joke. That is the maximum fine which can be levied on corporations for criminal negligence causing death. Really??? It appears to be true; political commentators have been calling on the government to increase the fine ten-fold, to something in the order of $350 000 million, still not much for a two billion dollar corporation.

With the Boston-Montreal series over – that particular series will never be consigned to the dustbin of history, far too good a series for that to happen – dig our featured image on this Sunday. It is obviously referring to the hand-shaking line at the conclusion of the seventh game in the amazing series between the Habs and the Bruins, and to what was supposedly said to Habs Mr. Dale Weise by that paragon of good sportsmanship, that icon of the graceful loser, ex-Vancouver Giant (and we’re not talking about his mental prowess when using the word “Giant”) Lucic.

Hey man. Getting excited. Can’t believe I was telling Lee the possible outcomes for the Stanley Cup final and I realized HO-OH-LEE Shit. We’re really close. Closer even than in 2010, when Halak’s performance in goal (Carey was injured) as well as Camalleri’s timely scoring carried the Habs to victories over the Penguins and Washington, two vastly superior teams compared to the eighth-place Canadiens, before Montreal fell in five games to Philadelphia in the conference final that year. Everyone knows that this is a much better “team”! In 2010, there weren’t that many “players” compared to this season.

You got four lines going well for the Habs as well as the best goalie and best defenceman (P.K.) in the Eastern Conference as well as fabulous role players like Weisz, Bournival, Josh Georges, Mike Weaver and Brandon Prust which all give the Canadiens confidence that they can handle the Rangers. I say the Habs in five or six. Over-confidence kills though.

Hope all that the Habs lost was the first game Saturday aft and not Carey Price, to injury.

A bit more on Lucic: one of the Gazette’s beat sportswriters writes that Kucic should be sat down and told that his behaviour is over the top and that he is hurting his team. Well no fucking kidding. And he also lies by saying things like “I’m not sorry I said it”. Like heck he’s not sorry.

Contrast Lucic’s behaviour in the line post-game on Thursday with what happened in L.A. Friday evening.

Following Anaheim’s ouster from the play-offs by the Kings, Teemu Selanne was honoured by both teams and by LA fans right in Los Angeles which became the first team since the League expanded from six to twelve teams, to bounce back twice, from 3-0 deficits, first to the Sharks – remember them? – and then to Anaheim – in the same playoff season. Selanne had announced that this would be the last season in his Hall of Fame career. Too bad some of the class shown could not be absorbed by Mt. Lucic.

Video of interview by Pierre Maguire with P.K. Subban … Subban surprises Pierre and everyone else by planting a wet one on Maguire who got a real kick out of it. A beautiful few seconds. Love it.

TSN Top Ten Must See Moments

A lot is being made about the poor sportsmanship demonstrated by the above-mentioned Lucic along with Brad Marchand and a couple of other Bruins at the end of that particular tilt. Please allow me to remind you how the Montreal Impact soccer team’s season ended last year… when an opposing player was kicked in the head, purposely, by one of the Impact side. It is interesting how the home team gets away with murder in a situation far worse than uttering threats. I don’t know if Weise should have publicized what was said on the ice but now that his remarks have been made public, just remember that we are far from perfect.

What else is happening in the world? A mine collapse in Turkey killed 300 miners. Apparently one of the two emergency exits from the mine was not accessible to the miners when they really needed it. Therefore, Turks are pissed at the mining corporation for its negligence and at the government for appearing not to care.

A seismic shift in the political fabric of India’s democracy as the result of their recent election – bye bye Congress Party – the Party of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first P.M and Indira Gandhi, Nehru’s daughter who married the Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi’s son, and served as Indian Prime Minister before her assassination by an angry Sikh. Also, Congress, is the party of another Indian P.M., Nehru’s successor to that office, Lal Badhur Shastri as well as being the party of Rajiv Gandhi, Mrs. Gandhi ‘s son, another of India’s Congress Party Indira (CPI) Prime Ministers until he, too, was assassinated in his own rights.

The defeat represents a huge change in the foundations of the Indian political system. Congress has been power for the great majority of India’s 67 year history since independence in 1947.

By the way, the Hawks are too good for the Kings. They’ll win in six.

The S. Korean government is taking a lot of heat for its mishandling of that ferry boat disaster a couple of weeks ago, which killed a number of people, most of them students.

… and this to ensure that we don’t forget about Porter, that unmitigated crook, still fighting extradition supposedly from the doldrums of a prison cell in Panama. Karma bites. HARD. Right?

Kitchen countertops? Love it. Fat pig.


Peace. Out.

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