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JuicyLesson 168: A Mish-Mash of Shit: Saturday hits on Sunday … A few more words about Dusty Smith Himself, and on the Cult of Dusty … Donald Ducks Comes to Town and Jim Flaherty leaves …

First of all and very briefly I got three times as many hits as I usually do on a Saturday so I’m happy on this beautiful wintry morning in a peaceful, sun drenched, and snow covered FUCKING FARM WHERE OUR FRIENDS LIVE JUST NORTH OF ALEXANDRIA AND ITS FUCKING MARCH 23rd AND I STILL NEED FREAKING WINTER BOOTS TO WALK AROUND DOWN HERE OR UP HERE OR WHATEVER THE FUCK IT IS … WHAT THE FUCK!

If you’re wondering about my use of the UPPER CASE (above), please check out Dusty Smith’s excellent video which I posted yesterday on my website @ even though it was a Saturday and I don’t post stuff on my website on Saturdays – my one day off.

If you do decide to follow my advice and check out yesterday’s Juice[1] and/or some previous JuicyLessons you’ll meet or may already have met Dusty Smith, an ex-Christian … “Fundamentalist”…might be an accurate description of Mr. Smith’s earlier station in life as far as his religious orientation/conviction goes.

Mr. Smith, now around forty-five – and I’m just guessing – was likely part of the fundamentalist youth church movement (if there is such a thing and the closest thing to it if there isn’t) while he was growing up in the American South – in Mississippi, or Louisiana, or Alabama – in one of those three hotbeds of progressive open-minded-ness especially when it comes to religion, he was undoubtedly dragged off to church weekly, especially as a child – over and over and over again – when he really was too young to think for himself or to develop any religious convictions of his own.[2]

[1] Wasn’t “Juice” as such as I don’t usually produce JuicyLessons on Saturdays as much as it was a “post” and it worked out fine thank-you very much.

[2] Look. I’m not blaming his family for any wrong-doing here. They were just doing what literally millions of North American families were doing in the eighties and nineties (1980’s and 1990’s) as well as before and since, by the way, which was/is just trying to bring their kids up “right”.

Now he’s fed up. He is convinced – at present at any rate – that God does not exist and stemming from this particular conviction he now espouses evolutionist theory/doctrine to explain how man was able to develop and grow from “small things that crawl on the ground … to apes … ” to cite a quote from what I call one of the Cretin-ationists[3] against herself, this crack ho, in Dusty’s own vernacular, who committed what she herself refers to as “unspeakable acts” in cars to get the smoke she needed.

Dusty tells her that her brain is oozing out of her ears and that’s why she thinks something or other from the wrong side of the Evolutionist-Cretin-a-tion-ist debate – that God exists or something or other like I said from the wrong side of that there previously-mentioned debate –

Donald Comes …

Finance Minister Leaves …
Finance Minister Flaherty announced his resignation from cabinet, a move described as being for personal reasons and a desire to return to the private sector, rather than being either health related or due to any disagreement with the Prime Minister. Harper added to that perception by saying he accepted the resignation reluctantly.

There are no near term policy implications … Further out, Flaherty was one voice in the cabinet that had expressed a desi to look at alternatives to income splitting as a way of meeting a promise to cut taxes on families next year, so his departure could potentially influence the form of tax reduction introduced in the next budget. Markets shouldn’t react today, however.

One question from me, Jerry, about this news flash on Jim Flaherty’s resignation as Finance Minister and his return to the private sector: re. the last sentence “(M)arkets shouldn’t react today, however.” Without boring you with the details, the use of italics may help to both ask and answer that particular query as in Markets shouldn’t react today, however, or should they?


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