JuicyLesson 167: To Finish the Week: Musings … Med-Pot Ointment Seems to Work …

In order to fully grasp that we live in a racist, provincial (pun intended) backwater of a place, we must know that as of last Wednesday evening, March 19th, at around 6 pm, approximately 55% of Quebec Francophones support – and I quote – “the idea” of the charter. What … The … Hell …


I have gradually been finding out about the ages and kinds of people who visit this website, and was mildly surprised – and not in a bad way either – that most visitors to my site are in the cohort represented by my step daughter’s generation, a group of fun luvin’ felons, some of them, God, you guys should read my book. I have not really thought the following out because I do not know a lots of what’s involved in the publishing business but that being said I am aiming for an end of summer/beginning of fall launch.

If you know me personally as your teacher and your sorta but not really when you get down to it friend because there is no equality in the student-teacher relationship because both are not superior. Ya dig?

I am thinking about this group of kids, themselves now all-grown up with loving families, including kids of their own they would die for.
We should talk about lying for your child … soon. Suffice to say for the moment that by over-protecting your children, you are robbing them of the opportunity to grow.

Is that good thinking or just jargon, I really couldn’t say because you people out there in Blog Land never let me know how you feel. It is approximately a 75% to 25% split daily between “Returning” and “New” visitors to www.AJuicyLessonPerDay.net. and I get no comments except for the odd one or two here or there, some comments to my own personal email address (jcohen70@icloud.com) and while others go directly to the blog.

I’m getting to it, dammit but I have been flyer (flyay) all day – first on tea then on two sessions of the oil on a skin (cig paper) and eating it, not too much and not too little … A little snake of the black stuff (i.e. of the Black Gold, Texas Tea, Hash Oil) … or two.

Salve Anyone …
Another thing that I did, was that I made a kind of simple ointment for myself with a couple of small worms of hash oil[1] mixed with some hand cream[2] my ex-wife kept at home.
[1] Hash oil from syringe/See previous JuicyLessons
[2] Glysomed Hand Cream/Unscented/Ingredients: glycerine, silicone and chamomile



BUT you can eat med-pot cookies, brownies, blondies, chocolates, macaroons, and caramels as well as licking leakage ejected by the hash oil syringe. To bake with pot, you require either pot-infused butter aka. pot-butter or hash oil**although I haven’t personally tried any baked goods using the latter but when I do I’ll let you know.
** remember to use this stuff – that is, the hash oil – sparingly as it is about 10 times as strong as the grass is per unit volume.

First it is important to know about and understand a few important health care and common sense points about producing and applying the ointment.

Point Number one: Wash your hands well prior to working with this stuff.

Point Number two: Every time you touch it, you lose some. Keeping this in mind, it would probably be best to whip up a decent-sized batch on one person’s palm and everyone feed on that, just scooping small dollops up from that particular person’s palm or rubbing the affected part of your hand, arm, or finger directly onto aforementioned person’s palm.

Point Number 3: If the salve is properly produced, this mixture of a tiny amount of hash oil with hand cream will hydrate the affected area.


Point Number 5: When using hash oil in a syringe (that is as opposed to oil in a capsule), please feel free to lick that little dark “morning pearl” that accumulates at the end of the syringe before you cap it but not too often and not too big of a spot and remember to pull back the syringe to prevent as much leakage as possible.

Point Number 6: To produce the ointment, we combined the hand cream and oil in a ratio of about 10:1, ten parts cream to every single part of hash oil, and mixed it until it turned a greenish colour. Then I applied it to some dry itchy parts of my body like my hand and my lower leg between my knee and my foot on the back fleshy part which really itches like hell sometimes, as well as my ex using the same exact stuff on a cut which had been caused by dry skin on one of her fingers, as well as on a pain of some undefinable kind on her wrist.

Stream of consciousness.

The ointment has a hydrating effect due to the fact that it is absorbed by the process of osmosis which means it will do a disappearing act. So don’t keep it around outside the affected area including in a person’s palm for too long or you will “lose” the ointment will have to produce a replacement batch.

That’s it for now.

I may be posting something tomorrow because Saturday’s low hit numbers are playing havoc with my Analytics.


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